Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bye Tommy
 I should do homework, but I don't feel like it and really don't care at all right now about studying. Vocbulary is stupid and math isn't until Thursday. I went to the barn tonight to do my make up lease ride from Sunday. While I was brushing him up I was talking to N and she was going through all the stuff I had to do with her horse this week and how to avoide being bitten by him =P. He's really cute, but he's HUGE! Over 16hh easy, and he's really strong, she's assured me I probably won't be able to use my arms on Friday. Good thing there's no school then.
Then she left and I went to finish tacking up, K (the barn owner, trainer, Tommy's owner) came over and said she had some bad news. She'd posted an ad the other day and some people had come out to look at another horse that was for sale and wanted to try Tommy too. They loved him and wanted to take him home that day. Of course she said no. He still has to pass vet check but they really liked him. The good thing is he'll be doing lots of flat work/dressage instead of jumping, which is good. He's front feet are slightly clubbed, it's not really noticable, but he can't jump forever, so this should be good for him.

It just sucks ass because he's awesome! I love him!! I've never really had a horse sold out from under me like this. When I got back from holidays two years ago, Diesel was having back problems and nothing helped, so he was put in the pasture I started riding Tango again. I wasn't surprised that he was sold a while later. He's now a light trail horse and it sounds like he enjoys it. Tango and Rocket are both still at the barn.
I also understand why she's selling Tommy. He's not a very good lesson horse. I'm the only one that can ride him and the lease just isn't big enough for it to be a good financial option for K. She needs a larger lesson horse and one that more people can use. Not one that only one person can ride, because they have the experince with him to know what to do and sees him more than once a week. I totally get that. She said she's surprised at how quickly this happend too.

The only upside to this whole shitty situation is the opportunity I'll get if he sells. There's a mare at the barn who's there to be sold (could be a repeat of this situation later on). She's a jumper and since she isn't a lesson horse she can jump a lot higher than Tommy and her feet aren't clubbed. She seems kind of sweet, but she also thinks she's a taradactal. She doesn't sound at all like a horse, she sounds like a dinosaur. She's got lots of energy, she's really cute and an indoor horse, which is nice if she sweats a lot. And since she's there to be sold, I can keep paying what I payed for Tommy and get two lessons a week and four free rides. Probably can't use all the free rides, but that's great to have that opportunity.
Showing will be intresting too. The mare is a legit pony, she's TINY! Something I can get on with out a mounting block! That is a big first, and she looks like a bit of a challangeing ride watching another girl ride her. Convently enough, this other girl will be done riding at the end of the month. Just when I get back from holidays.

She's a bay with a white blaze and is about 14.2~ish hands, her name is "Little Miss" which I hate, so she'll either be Miss but mostly likely just Pony. Or Mare, that works too. We'll see.

                                             Tommy Spam- Last Spring/Summer
<-----He has 6 legs!


  1. I had my favorite horse sold out from under me and it sucked. I'm so sorry you have to see him go. *hugs*

  2. Awe thanks, it's defenitly a shitty situation =(