Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back to the barn...maybe?

I emailed K tonight to ask about any open lesson times for this Thursday, fingers crossed there is. According to her blog there's a lot of no stirrup work this week, and I am so out of shape, that's going to suck ass. But the worst academic year of my life is over, so now I have lots of time tonged back in shape! Hoping not to ride Kokanee. But we'll see. Based on what happened last time, I'm going to give it another shot and go from there. I'm trying to find some pictures of one of the first horses i took lessons on at RBR, Stinger, since I have news about him.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

400 books

Unfortunately things have been very busy lately, so I've not been out to the barn. I bet you're very surprised to hear that! Or not since I haven't been there for ages and almost every post has been about why I haven't been the barn.

It's now the end of classes for this semester, finally!! As this has been the year from hell. I've got three exams left and a term paper. One class that I already wrote a final in, has the option of doing a paper as well and if you do it they will swap the paper mark for the lowest midterm mark (but if you do even worse on the paper, you still get the paper mark). I was going to do it, but now I'm not, because I just do not care anymore. So the end of term means moving again. I used to think moving was fun, and the first time it was. But now it is tedious and boring and I hate it. If it was somewhere cool, like Europe or Australia then it would be excellent again. I've brought a few things home already, four boxes of books (none of which are textbooks, just books for fun). They get to come home first because they are the most important. I counted all the books I own and it's over 400, I would have never guessed that. Combined with moving and studying is work. Which I loath. I'm almost considering quitting, but I also really, really hate job hunting and training. But the manager is out sick for at least another week, so I can't talk to her about hours, I need at least 20+ per week in order to actually stay. Sadly, we have to many people and small number of total hours per store, so she might not be able to do that. I could have counted on the old manger to give me all the hours I wanted, because she played favorites and because I was the only non-dumbass employee, I was the favorite! This one, doesn't do that sadly, plus pretty much everyone working in the store now, is not a dumbass.

As far as switching barns, not to much luck with that. The barn I found ages ago and really liked, ZR, is listed on all the show jumping barn directories, but their website is down and it's been down for a long time, so I don't know if that means the directories haven't changed but that they've gone out of business or what. Anyways, I hope to be able to ride again in May. For now I've just been going to the gym to try and get in a bit of shape before going back, plus once the snow is gone I get to go cycling again and I get a new bike this spring, so I'm excited for that.

Oh, and because the manager is out sick, gets who has to work on the Mane Event weekend? Me. Even though theres other people to do it, but now the schedule is up, so no one will trade. I will get some revenge, petty as it maybe. They always call me when they are sick and need some one to cover, but I won't. At least the next time they ask anyways. So I don't get to go see the George Morris clinic or any of the really cool dressage ones I wanted to watch as well. :(