Saturday, October 30, 2010

Improving Quickly!

These last couple weeks Tommy and me have been doing a lot better, which is great, but he's been quite flat the last couple weeks. He's gained a lot of weight back since we moved him out of the same pen as Edgar, so at least we don't have to worry about that when winter hits.

 He seems so much happier now that he's in a new pen. When we first got him last December/January, he would come running up to anyone that opened the gate. Once he got put in with Edgar, he wasn't as keen, however he's back to his old self and coming over.

 We had a rail down on our Thursday lesson which is unusual, but it was an 18" jump, so he really had no respect for it. Nor do I for that matter, epically when it's a legit part of a coarse. But we did our best and our last round was amazing. We did two previous rounds, and the first one I got left behind at the first jump in the diagonal line, but we both recovered well for the rest of course. The second, I had expected him to jump the first part of the line in a similar fashion, so I got ahead of him, but again, we had a good recovery and finished well.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The social project I was talking about before, I think I've done a good job on my part but my partner has done zero work. And she doesn't like presenting. Neither do I, but I'm going to do it anyway. I now have to do her part of the project so that we (I) don't lose marks.
  I talked to my teacher after class (since I managed to ditch her). And I was like "I know this is a group project and part of it is probably trying to work with people, but my partner has done zero work and she's now asking me to remind her to do her part of the project over the weekend. I should not have to do that. She should be able to remember herself. So can you please mark us individually on this project?
  He said yes. Thank god. The other thing is, I'm questioning whether or not she will even show up to class on Monday. I'm going to hazard a guess at yes, but she'll forget the questions and fuck up any thing she has to say out loud. So...yeah. Going to have to practice my part so I look really good, and make up some witness questions and some possibly prepare some cross examination questions.
   But she's whining "poor me, i have to come up with questions of the top of my head! Boo hoo!" Like can you shut up please and simmer down, Christ. We both know, I'm going to be the one doing the work and asking the questions. But she has a surprise coming when she gets her mark back doesn't she?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tommy, and other things.

Tommy did pretty good today! We're getting better about not taking of at crazy longs anymore, so that's good. We had a bit of trouble on the warm up practices. My trainer had set up three jumps that you jump in a circle. Going to the left has a bit hard for Tommy, when he gets strong, he doesn't listen, he just plows on through the coarse. So hopefully exercises like this will help improve with our take offs. Very proud of him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Short Distances!

Me and Tommy are finally getting better about taking off to far from the jump! We did have one ultra crazy long to an oxer, but he still jumped it beautifully and I didn't get left behind or anything. The second one was more of a hunter style long. So that was okay, aside from it being a jumper coarse.
 But for the most part we did really well today, very proud of him.

Hoping to go riding on Sunday, with any luck alone, since it's supposed to be really nice, so then we can ride in the outdoor ring and out on the trails at least one last time, before it gets to cold and crappy out there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Tried So Hard!

To convince my friend not to come riding with me this morning.  But it didn't work. Which really is both suckish and not suckish at the same time. Me and Tommy did well today, a bit of bare back again. Not as good as it was last week but not terrible either. Again need to work on how to have a better transition down from the canter to trot and walk.

See I didn't want her to come because we've hung out everyday for the past week and I need some space! Plus it was soo pretty out this morning. A bit chilly, but I would have loved to ride outside and for go bareback to go for a trail ride to cool down instead. The forecast is the same for next week so I might just tell her (at the last minute) that I'm going on Sunday instead. This way I can go alone and hopefully ride outside.

That's the lovely thing about Tommy is that he doesn't spook the way Diesel used to do on the trails.

So mad! Oh my fuck! So I have this 8yr old cousin, and today her mum was like "can you hook us up with your trainer? Alice wants to try riding." I was like "No. She doesn't teach to people under 12."
  See I'm upset because this kid is a spoiled brat. She gets whatever she wants, and if she decides she wants to have her own pony, they will probably buy her one. Its not fair.  I've been riding for so long, if anyone should get a horse its me. I know how much work they are, how to look after them, all that stuff. But she's a tool who doesn't know anything. AHH! Fuck me in the nut!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yay Tom Tom!

Had a free ride yesterday and my friend couldn't go because she was at a concert. Which I'm quite glad about. We did lots of circles and transitions. On free rides I try and ride bareback a bit, so we did that. He did soooo well!! Had a nice trot, and he picked up that canter right away, so we didn't have that horrible bouncy, uneven trot that he usually starts with. And it was a lovely balanced canter too! We went around the whole arena, rather than just doing circles at the top. The only bad bit was the trot coming out of the canter, we had a really bad, choppy trot, but it'll get better.

Getting my industrial bar on Saturday!!

Soo tired!! Had a meeting with my trainer but she's in the ER, so that's definitely not good, but she did give me a workout to do on my own.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grad Dresses

I saw a mouse today. Outside, it ran across the road and hid under the leaves in the front yard. Aren't you excited? No?! Well you really should be.

Anyway! So this afternoon me and my grandma went to the fabric shop because she's helping me make my grad dress. We found the pattern I was looking for. It's a Vogue, Marilyn Monroe style dress. It's lovely! I'm so excited for it, but my grandma seems a bit worried that it's to "daring". So, all I have to do is check with my parents ('cause I so LOVE getting they're consent). But oh well. For this, I will make an exception.