Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip Planning

Still going, but the more I look into it, the more it seems possible that I could actually go, if and only if, I got a decent job for the next few months.

Now I'm not sure if I should go to Ireland first. I would love to go, it looks and sounds amazing, however, given the current political and economic state of the country, I don't know if it's advisable to go. In the mean time I'll still plan to go but if I get a job and depending on what's going on there, I may shift plans and go somewhere else. Maybe Germany or France? Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, took ages to settle on Ireland to start with, and I only picked it because it's the closest to Canada.
The only reason the UK isn't listed above, since it's my top pick, is because I want the most time there I can have, and two months, isn't enough.

Now I just have to find a job! It's so annoying trying to find one, it's like you need to know someone to get one. Plus next semester I'm so busy! Riding x2, Training, Math tutoring. Plus I have to find time to work out on my own....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was planning on travelling to Europe this coming summer but I never got the job I needed to afford it. So it's been pushed to next summer. This is potentially good though, it gives me  the time at university to meet people I could stand to travel with for that long, and my summer holiday will be four months instead of two.

For Christmas my parents bought me a Lonely Planet book called Europe on a Shoestring. So I'm 'planning' a trip as if I was going this summer, it will give me a rough price estimate and more time to look for things I might like to do while there.

For the most part I've been planning on taking this trip on my own, but my mum hates the idea and tries to think of people I could go on this trip with. There are huge flaws to going with any of them, not even ones that can be put up with, but ones that would drive me insane!!
My riding buddy, I can only stand for a few hours at a time. I want to have fun on this trip not be bossed around and only do what she wants.
My best friend, is not the kind of person up for 'roughing it'. Backpacking, staying in tents and hostiles, long cramped flights with bad food, layovers, etc. Are NOT her style and she's flat out said that if she would go she would being staying in a hotel, which is way to expensive. Not to mention, she doesn't have any interest in going to Europe.
My other best friend, I like her, I do, but just no. I can stand for long amounts of time because we don't really annoy each other, but sometimes she just gives me a headache. Then she says things that I flat out disagree with so I don't think that she would be interested in visiting many of the same places and doing the same things if she is at all interested in going to Europe.

I'm 'planning' my trip for this summer as if I'm just going to Ireland for two months, giving me more time in the UK and rest of Europe the summer after, thought that will be adjusted for real life of course.

So far my round trip ticket from Toronto to Belfast costs ~$827.00 and my EuroRail pass $190. Just need to find the price of a ticket from my city to Toronto and back from Toronto to home.

As you may have noticed, I have a lot of time on my hands.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Jumps!

Well, big depending on your perspective.

But we finally got to do a real course again! So much fun, didn't have any crazy longs either! The first attempt at the fan jump was a bit off, he kind of twisted in the air so we landed weird and didn't have a brilliant take off to the next jump. But he did very good over the oxer bounce, which later became a one stride. The highest jump I would guess to be over 2'6".

He did really well on the flat too, on the bridal for the trot! However he still likes to pull on the reins when he's standing or walking, and trying to sneak off when we're standing. But over all he did very good and I'm very happy with him.

He kneed me in the leg when we were untacking. The horse in the stall next to the one he was tied to, is crazy, and he made a move as if to bite Tommy, even though he was way out of reach. So in response to that, he lifted up his back right leg and when he brought it forward before kicking out, he caught my leg with his knee.

But it was a good lesson, very happy with how it went.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The End of the World

I've just witnessed a show that leaves me with no doubt what-so-ever, humanity is coming to an end. And leaves me wondering if the human species deserved to survive at all.


I think I've mentioned it before when if first read about it, but now that I've seen it...I can say for sure how stupid it is.

There's several lines the host says that are really what annoys me.

"These women are on a quest to become the prefect bride" Ummm okay? Quest? No. It's not a quest, it's mearly confirming to them that they are not good, (possibly) intelligent...actually lets say smart, cause if they're on that show...they are not intelligent, kind etc etc people, UNLESS they look perfect. Which they won't. They'll be scared and fake.
What's so wrong and horrible about going to the gym and eating better? Why do they feel the need to get loads of plastic surgery? And to have if broadcast across the world?
Thanks America. It's really great that you want to broadcast your shit across the world. So great.

And the second one "You'll still have your wedding, it just won't be perfect."
Right, because nothing is perfect without loads of plastic surgery until you look like and feel like a life size barbie. Where do they get off saying something like that anyway? I'm sure the chicks wedding will be perfect regardless.

What the hell is the fiances opinion in this too? If I suffered some horrible brain damage and decided to go on this show, I'd fucking want my fiance to talk me the hell out of it. Because if he doesn't, he clearly thinks there's something esthetically wrong with me. In which case, he clearly wouldn't love me, and I would be wasting my time with him.

Fuck you America. Brainwashing the world with your bull shit and crap.

Often I wonder if I should even have kids in the future. In a world like this, and not just the reality TV, but the whole world is fucked up. Having kids could be the most irresponsible thing I do in my life. I do hope the world changes, and I'm trying to be part of that, but really, it could be...not centuries, but possibly decades, before things get better.
This is depressing.
I'm going riding tomorrow! That should make me feel better.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Solstice

Is December 21st, it`s also called Yule and about a million other names. It`s a Wiccan holiday to celebrate the rebirth of the Horned God. Anyway, my school actually had something to celebrate it! Well `celebrate` they set up a bunch of candles in the guidance department `lobby`, and had a table with food and juice and stuff, and if you wanted to, you just stopped by and got something and could chill.

At the beginning of the week they said it was a school tradition, which trust me it isn`t, I`ve been there over 2 years, I would know. So I`m curious about who decided to have the celebration and if they`re a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan.
 My best guess is it`s one of the new teachers, or possibly the guidance councillor secretary. I went to see her so I could book an appointment during 3rd. They weren`t booking cause of the celebration, but she was all excited and just said to come by cause my counsellor would be there then.

Haha, I wonder if it`s a bad thing if the counselling secretary knows your name? Like, she knows exactly who I am, I didn't think I went that often! And it's not like it's a small school either! Compared to the sit it might be, but for the county area, 2000 it a lot of students and a lot of people to remember.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Had a lease ride today. Tommy did really well, he's been getting a really nice canter during our flat rides lately. Ones' that are nice to sit and were you don't need to be in a slight two point.

There was another lady in a lesson while I was riding. She seems nice, and I can only assume she rode Tommy in a lesson last Monday, because she kept watching us with this weird look, like she wanted to be riding him. Who can blame her? He's only the cutest horse at the barn! Assuming she is the one who rode him, I'm glad she rode YJ instead. Her leg at the canter isn't very steady and Tom absolutely hates that. You have to have a quite leg with him, otherwise he goes crazy! With a super fast canter, and he just won't listen.
 But then again, it might not be her at all. But I do know there is someone like that thats' been using him in lessons.

My darn van kept getting stuck in the stable parking lot though. It was really warm today, so the snow was super soft, and the van would sink into it and not want to go forward. In the end I just left it where it stopped.

So very excited for Friday since it's my last day of classes before winter break!

I feel bad for the sports casters that interview hockey players during half time. They're so sweaty and nasty, it must smell awful. Speaking of smelling awful, went to the gym tonight! And didn't stop at McD's for a burger and fries. I rarely do, but I've been craving them for the past three days!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

X-mas Shopping!!

So pleased!
I stopped at the bookstore on my way back from working out to look for my sisters present. Found it! So excited since the CD's I wanted to get her aren't stocked at the local music store, that I was able to find her the book she wanted!
  I could help myself though! I was wondering around and found one of my favorite sections, "New Age". They had two books by an author I know is good. The Real Witches Garden and The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West. I get you aren't supposed to buy things for yourself before Christmas, but I'm really getting into Wicca and the chances my parents would buy either of these for me is slim to none. So I got them. And I'm very excited to start reading.
  I also found some plugs! The only real ones were 8G all the others were "fake" plugs, so not buying those. I think I have to re pierce my right ear lobe because it's not quite in line with the one on the left. Oh well.

Still have to find something for my dad, we were thinking cycling gloves but we couldn't find any. Our mall fails. It's a fairly small town (sadly) so there's not that many good stores in our mall.

Only one week left of classes!
Babysat my cousins yesterday. That was delight x12. Speaking of which, last weekend was pretty good. The only annoying ones were my two youngest cousins, who couldn't seem to figure out they needed to stay with us and the other kids in the basement.  But other than that it was good!

And guess who got 94% on the their social exam?! ME!! XD

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday & Saturday

Just say a commercial for the worst show ever! "Bridalplasty". It's exactly what it sounds like. A group of women who are about the get married, go on this reality show and compete in challenges. Who ever loses goes home and the winner gets a bunch of different cosmetic surgery's. With people like this, the human species should NOT have survived.
Really, how insecure are these women? It's pathetic and disgusting. Then by the end they'll look like a totally different person! I'm crossing my fingers the winner gets left at the alter by her fiance because she won't even be the same person!

Enough ranting. Tommy did really well on Thursday, we FINALLY got to do some bigger jumps! Back to regular height this week around 2'6". Again no real course, it was a lot of line practice again, but Tom did super picking up his leads. Had a bit more trouble holding him back at a jump so he doesn't take of crazy long at the large jumps. His longs were good though, when we did have them though.

Had a lease ride today, he had a great canter and lovely trot. We didn't do much though, I was so tired and it was quite cold so I didn't want him to get sweaty, even though he's been clipped.
Poor thing though, he had so much ice in his feet when we got in the barn, I didn't want him moving around to much and slipping. So first thing I did after tying him up was start trying to chip the ice off so he's foot would be flat. After a minute and little success, I noticed he was starting to lean on me, he does this sometimes anyway, but he was leaning more than usual. I side stepped a little, because if he fell, I would have been crushed under him. Soon as I let his foot go and stepped away, he fell on his knees! He got up in like second and was fine, but it was a close call. My trainer brought me the hammer after, so I used that, and it went sooo much faster and all the ice was evened out in seconds.

Also have the best picture of the barns' cat! He was crouched in front of one the stalls, just staring up at it. It was weird, I'm not sure what he was looking at, there wasn't anything there moving or that exciting really.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

To Many Children!!

I'm babysitting for my aunt and uncle while they have their Christmas party tonight. It starts at 5:30 and goes 'til god knows when.

There's six kids in total. My two older cousins who are 11 and 9 (I think), my two younger cousins who are 4 and 2, then his IT guys kids which are 2 and 5.

Not excited at all. The two younger kids have bad attitudes and I've never met the other kids. It should be comforting that the parents will be there, but it's soooo not! If anything that makes it worse. I'm so bad with kids if they can't flat out tell me what they want.

My sister is coming with me, but she has to meet me there later because she has a basketball tournament right now. Once she's there it'll probably be easier, since then there's two of us. I'm not worried about my older cousins, they can look after themselves, but the other ones....!

Haha so we'll see how this goes.