Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday & Saturday

Just say a commercial for the worst show ever! "Bridalplasty". It's exactly what it sounds like. A group of women who are about the get married, go on this reality show and compete in challenges. Who ever loses goes home and the winner gets a bunch of different cosmetic surgery's. With people like this, the human species should NOT have survived.
Really, how insecure are these women? It's pathetic and disgusting. Then by the end they'll look like a totally different person! I'm crossing my fingers the winner gets left at the alter by her fiance because she won't even be the same person!

Enough ranting. Tommy did really well on Thursday, we FINALLY got to do some bigger jumps! Back to regular height this week around 2'6". Again no real course, it was a lot of line practice again, but Tom did super picking up his leads. Had a bit more trouble holding him back at a jump so he doesn't take of crazy long at the large jumps. His longs were good though, when we did have them though.

Had a lease ride today, he had a great canter and lovely trot. We didn't do much though, I was so tired and it was quite cold so I didn't want him to get sweaty, even though he's been clipped.
Poor thing though, he had so much ice in his feet when we got in the barn, I didn't want him moving around to much and slipping. So first thing I did after tying him up was start trying to chip the ice off so he's foot would be flat. After a minute and little success, I noticed he was starting to lean on me, he does this sometimes anyway, but he was leaning more than usual. I side stepped a little, because if he fell, I would have been crushed under him. Soon as I let his foot go and stepped away, he fell on his knees! He got up in like second and was fine, but it was a close call. My trainer brought me the hammer after, so I used that, and it went sooo much faster and all the ice was evened out in seconds.

Also have the best picture of the barns' cat! He was crouched in front of one the stalls, just staring up at it. It was weird, I'm not sure what he was looking at, there wasn't anything there moving or that exciting really.

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