Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Sad News

I have a nice post about Wolfgang complete with pictures, but I'll but that one up in a bit.
 The owners of the stable have decided to sell it as K is sick and it takes so long to sell barns here (the last one took 1.5 years) that they didn't want to leave it the last minute.  They're hoping to sell turnkey and hopefully no one will have to leave or anything. It sounds like they are selling their horses with the property, which includes Rocky, who is about 20 years old, with a slightly swayed back, bench knees and bucks when you use to much hand (so not a great lesson horse). I'm worried that a new owner may not want a pasture puff like him and want to sell, and can you tell me who would buy a horse like that? Probably no one good. So I'm trying to save a bit of money just in case a new owner does want to sell him because I dread the idea of him going somewhere he won't be loved because he really is such a wonderful horse and he deserves to have a good retirement and not end up on a kill  truck or who knows where.
So yeah, we'll see what happens.