Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I REALLY Hate Bad Drivers

Oh my f***ing God! So I was really trying to let this go and not let it piss me off but yeah that's not happening. If I could go back in time, get out of my car and deck her square in the face I totally would!

So I was heading into the main city as part of my drivers training and I had to turn left of the main highway on to another main highway, but before I could turn I had to let the people heading north on the opposite side of the highway go past, and the only car not turning right of that road is this giant gravel truck, its less than half a block away so there's no way I'm pulling out in front of him. He wont be able to stop and he'll crush my little Camry hybrid, and I don't really want to die, so I'm staying.
 Now I'm not sure if this lady could see the truck from where she was, but I'm pretty sure she could. And just before the truck goes by, I glance in the rear view mirror, and she's staring at the back of my car shouting "What the F**K?" God, good thing I was with my driving instructor, otherwise I'd have flipped her off and clearly suffering from road rage that probably wouldn't be a very good idea.  So, anyway, I then make the turn, and she rips past me and tries to cut me off, HA, b**ch was going to fast so her car weaved and she decided maybe that wasn't a good idea.
 However, she did have a passenger but what are the chances she was yelling at him, while staring at my car? I tend to look at the people I yell at, even when driving.
 So I very much hope that she was involved in a one car collision and is now in a lot of pain :). I'm such a bitch, but whatever, she has it coming. You cant be that stupid and expect to get away with it.
 Other than that, I really liked driving downtown actually, although I have one complaint, there is an intersection where there are 5 points of entry, and that my friends, is confusing as hell.

BTW, sorry for the profanity but its the only way to get this point properly across.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show Season Will Be Starting Soon....

And I'm totally nervous about it!
 I've been reading trainers blog while she's been away at a 3 day dressage show, and even she's nervous about her shows!
 It would be soo nice to live in England, horses shows every weekend! Then you'd probably be more used to them, but I only go to a couple every season. Last year I went to one with Diesel because after a while he was starting to have back problems. In the total of 3 show season I had him for: we sucked the first year (only had him for a couple months). 2nd year: placed 4th in one show and in the second show we got a 4th and 5th. Last year we just didn't place at all. So that was a big bummer.

Tango, I only had her for about 6 months in the winter. We just weren't as good a match as originally anticipated, but I defiantly learned a lot from how to fall off. So me and her never did end up showing, but I've seen her around at a couple shows and all I can say is thank god.

Rocket, my first horse...we did well. First show season we did two shows. Placed 1st 4x!! Twice on the flat, twice jumping. As well as a second and third. The next year we probably would have placed but he spooked at a jump and I fell off, so no ribbons that time around.

Part of the reason me and Diesel didn't place that last year is because I forgot the courses so then we didn't place. But now I'm always worried about forgetting the courses....I read on a forum about just drawing the course on your hand and then you can remember it because its always with you. Defiantly going to try it out, but I'm worried about Tommy because he's a bit hot headed in new places so...yeah...things could get interesting.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Most Amazing Car Ever!

Got the chance to drive the new 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid today. What a sick car! If I had the $24, 000.00 it took to buy that car I deffinatly would! So smooth and so quite, no screwing with the volume for the radio =). Good breaking and handling which was could 'cause it rained the whole time!

And if your wondering, I cheaped out of going running because there was a thunder storm. And not the nice warm thunder storms that you want go and stand outside in, but freezeing cold and windy. So going to have to find something else today as the weather is supposed to suck all of May long. Good thing I'm avoiding tanning this year!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Really Should Go For a Run...

Ahh it would be such a nice day to go for a run. Its like +15 and total cloud cover, the track is what? Maybe a ten minute walk away? But I'm so tired, I'd really rather just stay home and find new music on absolute punk, and watch Vampire Diaries, or Heartland, or the Secret Life...better stop this, I'm talking myself into staying home damn it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tommy (maybe) doing better and my bio partner will be the end of my sanity

I had a jumping lesson with Tommy the other day. He did very well all things considered. We rode outdoors for about 5 minutes before the lightning storm got to close for comfort and we headed in to wait. After about 10 minutes we could go back out and carry on.
 It must have been a blessing in disguise, before the storm it had been +30 outside, after about +20. The humidity wasn't pleasant. But the warming up in one ring and riding in another gave Tommy a bit of a taste of what show season will be like.
 He managed not to rush the jumps and actually listen to me, so I'm really impressed. Though his paddock is so muddy I'm defiantly going to need to break out the show sheen to keep his white spots white! And some sunscreen for his nose.

So I'm taking grade 12 biology and chemistry this year. I have to prepare a plant lab in bio tomorrow, this would not be a problem what so ever, however, my lab partner is literally the dumbest person I have ever meet. Like actually, there's no comparison. But if I go into to much detail about his idiocy I'll just drive myself (even) crazier. And I'm sure he'll crop up again in this blog anyway. No worries if he makes any stupid suggestions I'll just punch him in the throat...just kidding of course. I'll just imagine it. =P. I have an 80 in bio so I'm not worried about him screwing me up...he and his 58 should be glad I work with him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Under Control?

Got to see my bestest buddy Tommy today! Rode outside again since it was cloudy and to hot. Surprisingly he didn't have a huge out-of-control canter I had been expecting. Though we weren't jumping so that could be why. Took him out back for a cool down in the hay fields and wooded area. He was pretty chill the whole time even when a couple deer ran by ahead of us. He had a nice trot out back too. Not like my old horse Diesel, he was always pretty spooky on the trails and the meadows. Tango was also a bit of a loony, but I didn't have her very long so it could just have been she wasn't used to being ridden outdoors.

And in case your curious, but i doubt you are. My bangs are still ghastly short, but sweeping them to the left makes them look a bit better. Your finger nails grow longer in the summer heat, I wonder if the same thing happens with hair? On another point of vanity, I found a recipe to "bleach" skin. Really it just makes it a shade or so paler I wouldn't say it bleached though. Its just putting milk, lemon juice and a sock full of oatmeal in a warm bath and sit in it for 15 min. once a week for about a month. And it has a face wash too in case you don't want to snorkel in your bath tube =P.

Actually I have a third vain statement to make: I'm unfortunately broke so I have to wait before I can dye my hair any ridiculous color. I was thinking Manic Panics "Atomic Blue" and "Tiger Lily" streaks to start with, and then I would some how like to get in "Electric Banana", "Green Envy", Deadly Nightshade" and "Vampire Red", not all at once of course. Having to maintain that would be hell and they'd probably look pretty weird. Also MP is pretty pricey, about $15 for one jar and $25 for two depending on where you shop, plus bleach...sigh, if only I had unlimited disposable income...

Also went to the gym for the first time in a while. Glad I did. Weighed in today at about 162.2lbs. Odd because its gone down and the only exercise I've gotten is riding Tommy and walking my dog Storm.