Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I REALLY Hate Bad Drivers

Oh my f***ing God! So I was really trying to let this go and not let it piss me off but yeah that's not happening. If I could go back in time, get out of my car and deck her square in the face I totally would!

So I was heading into the main city as part of my drivers training and I had to turn left of the main highway on to another main highway, but before I could turn I had to let the people heading north on the opposite side of the highway go past, and the only car not turning right of that road is this giant gravel truck, its less than half a block away so there's no way I'm pulling out in front of him. He wont be able to stop and he'll crush my little Camry hybrid, and I don't really want to die, so I'm staying.
 Now I'm not sure if this lady could see the truck from where she was, but I'm pretty sure she could. And just before the truck goes by, I glance in the rear view mirror, and she's staring at the back of my car shouting "What the F**K?" God, good thing I was with my driving instructor, otherwise I'd have flipped her off and clearly suffering from road rage that probably wouldn't be a very good idea.  So, anyway, I then make the turn, and she rips past me and tries to cut me off, HA, b**ch was going to fast so her car weaved and she decided maybe that wasn't a good idea.
 However, she did have a passenger but what are the chances she was yelling at him, while staring at my car? I tend to look at the people I yell at, even when driving.
 So I very much hope that she was involved in a one car collision and is now in a lot of pain :). I'm such a bitch, but whatever, she has it coming. You cant be that stupid and expect to get away with it.
 Other than that, I really liked driving downtown actually, although I have one complaint, there is an intersection where there are 5 points of entry, and that my friends, is confusing as hell.

BTW, sorry for the profanity but its the only way to get this point properly across.

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