Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show Season Will Be Starting Soon....

And I'm totally nervous about it!
 I've been reading trainers blog while she's been away at a 3 day dressage show, and even she's nervous about her shows!
 It would be soo nice to live in England, horses shows every weekend! Then you'd probably be more used to them, but I only go to a couple every season. Last year I went to one with Diesel because after a while he was starting to have back problems. In the total of 3 show season I had him for: we sucked the first year (only had him for a couple months). 2nd year: placed 4th in one show and in the second show we got a 4th and 5th. Last year we just didn't place at all. So that was a big bummer.

Tango, I only had her for about 6 months in the winter. We just weren't as good a match as originally anticipated, but I defiantly learned a lot from how to fall off. So me and her never did end up showing, but I've seen her around at a couple shows and all I can say is thank god.

Rocket, my first horse...we did well. First show season we did two shows. Placed 1st 4x!! Twice on the flat, twice jumping. As well as a second and third. The next year we probably would have placed but he spooked at a jump and I fell off, so no ribbons that time around.

Part of the reason me and Diesel didn't place that last year is because I forgot the courses so then we didn't place. But now I'm always worried about forgetting the courses....I read on a forum about just drawing the course on your hand and then you can remember it because its always with you. Defiantly going to try it out, but I'm worried about Tommy because he's a bit hot headed in new places so...yeah...things could get interesting.

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