Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Swear I am Actually Back This Time [pictures!]

I have set my goal that I will post something with two days of a ride. Preferably sooner because otherwise I'll forget what I wanted to say.

I'm still riding Wolfgang and he continues to be perfect! Some more of his back story:
He used to be a chuck wagon race horse and when he was twelve his current owner (at least I think it was her) started jumping him.

So with him there is really no major thing that needs to be worked on, so I've been a bit lazy with our lease rides. Like we do more than just bum around but I haven't been actively trying to plan what we are going to do. We have done a couple no stirrup rides which have actually gone quite well, I try to do a bit every other lease ride, I don't want to hurt his back or anything and to much could probably do more harm than good to my position as well! When we've done no stirrup work in lessons K always said my leg looked great, so that is exciting! I guess with him most of our work would be to help my position over jumps as well as getting him on the bridle. He does it really well sometimes, he was great to the right at the trot on Saturday but not so much to the left. Transitions and things like turns on the forehand. Canter poles were also a suggestion from K but there hasn't really been anything in a lesson that she's really said "you need to work on that during a free ride". I should ask her...
Look at that face! He's so cute I can't stand it

Trying to eat the camera...

These are from our first trail ride in September or late August, he was actually really good but he started to get a bit prancy on the way home. He was better the second time when we were with two other people but he kept trying to kick out at J's horse Duncan if he was ever behind us. They're pasture mates and turns out Duncan is kind of an ass hole, so  that probably had something to do with it. But once Wolfie was in the back he was fine.