Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip Planning

Still going, but the more I look into it, the more it seems possible that I could actually go, if and only if, I got a decent job for the next few months.

Now I'm not sure if I should go to Ireland first. I would love to go, it looks and sounds amazing, however, given the current political and economic state of the country, I don't know if it's advisable to go. In the mean time I'll still plan to go but if I get a job and depending on what's going on there, I may shift plans and go somewhere else. Maybe Germany or France? Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, took ages to settle on Ireland to start with, and I only picked it because it's the closest to Canada.
The only reason the UK isn't listed above, since it's my top pick, is because I want the most time there I can have, and two months, isn't enough.

Now I just have to find a job! It's so annoying trying to find one, it's like you need to know someone to get one. Plus next semester I'm so busy! Riding x2, Training, Math tutoring. Plus I have to find time to work out on my own....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was planning on travelling to Europe this coming summer but I never got the job I needed to afford it. So it's been pushed to next summer. This is potentially good though, it gives me  the time at university to meet people I could stand to travel with for that long, and my summer holiday will be four months instead of two.

For Christmas my parents bought me a Lonely Planet book called Europe on a Shoestring. So I'm 'planning' a trip as if I was going this summer, it will give me a rough price estimate and more time to look for things I might like to do while there.

For the most part I've been planning on taking this trip on my own, but my mum hates the idea and tries to think of people I could go on this trip with. There are huge flaws to going with any of them, not even ones that can be put up with, but ones that would drive me insane!!
My riding buddy, I can only stand for a few hours at a time. I want to have fun on this trip not be bossed around and only do what she wants.
My best friend, is not the kind of person up for 'roughing it'. Backpacking, staying in tents and hostiles, long cramped flights with bad food, layovers, etc. Are NOT her style and she's flat out said that if she would go she would being staying in a hotel, which is way to expensive. Not to mention, she doesn't have any interest in going to Europe.
My other best friend, I like her, I do, but just no. I can stand for long amounts of time because we don't really annoy each other, but sometimes she just gives me a headache. Then she says things that I flat out disagree with so I don't think that she would be interested in visiting many of the same places and doing the same things if she is at all interested in going to Europe.

I'm 'planning' my trip for this summer as if I'm just going to Ireland for two months, giving me more time in the UK and rest of Europe the summer after, thought that will be adjusted for real life of course.

So far my round trip ticket from Toronto to Belfast costs ~$827.00 and my EuroRail pass $190. Just need to find the price of a ticket from my city to Toronto and back from Toronto to home.

As you may have noticed, I have a lot of time on my hands.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Jumps!

Well, big depending on your perspective.

But we finally got to do a real course again! So much fun, didn't have any crazy longs either! The first attempt at the fan jump was a bit off, he kind of twisted in the air so we landed weird and didn't have a brilliant take off to the next jump. But he did very good over the oxer bounce, which later became a one stride. The highest jump I would guess to be over 2'6".

He did really well on the flat too, on the bridal for the trot! However he still likes to pull on the reins when he's standing or walking, and trying to sneak off when we're standing. But over all he did very good and I'm very happy with him.

He kneed me in the leg when we were untacking. The horse in the stall next to the one he was tied to, is crazy, and he made a move as if to bite Tommy, even though he was way out of reach. So in response to that, he lifted up his back right leg and when he brought it forward before kicking out, he caught my leg with his knee.

But it was a good lesson, very happy with how it went.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The End of the World

I've just witnessed a show that leaves me with no doubt what-so-ever, humanity is coming to an end. And leaves me wondering if the human species deserved to survive at all.


I think I've mentioned it before when if first read about it, but now that I've seen it...I can say for sure how stupid it is.

There's several lines the host says that are really what annoys me.

"These women are on a quest to become the prefect bride" Ummm okay? Quest? No. It's not a quest, it's mearly confirming to them that they are not good, (possibly) intelligent...actually lets say smart, cause if they're on that show...they are not intelligent, kind etc etc people, UNLESS they look perfect. Which they won't. They'll be scared and fake.
What's so wrong and horrible about going to the gym and eating better? Why do they feel the need to get loads of plastic surgery? And to have if broadcast across the world?
Thanks America. It's really great that you want to broadcast your shit across the world. So great.

And the second one "You'll still have your wedding, it just won't be perfect."
Right, because nothing is perfect without loads of plastic surgery until you look like and feel like a life size barbie. Where do they get off saying something like that anyway? I'm sure the chicks wedding will be perfect regardless.

What the hell is the fiances opinion in this too? If I suffered some horrible brain damage and decided to go on this show, I'd fucking want my fiance to talk me the hell out of it. Because if he doesn't, he clearly thinks there's something esthetically wrong with me. In which case, he clearly wouldn't love me, and I would be wasting my time with him.

Fuck you America. Brainwashing the world with your bull shit and crap.

Often I wonder if I should even have kids in the future. In a world like this, and not just the reality TV, but the whole world is fucked up. Having kids could be the most irresponsible thing I do in my life. I do hope the world changes, and I'm trying to be part of that, but really, it could be...not centuries, but possibly decades, before things get better.
This is depressing.
I'm going riding tomorrow! That should make me feel better.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Solstice

Is December 21st, it`s also called Yule and about a million other names. It`s a Wiccan holiday to celebrate the rebirth of the Horned God. Anyway, my school actually had something to celebrate it! Well `celebrate` they set up a bunch of candles in the guidance department `lobby`, and had a table with food and juice and stuff, and if you wanted to, you just stopped by and got something and could chill.

At the beginning of the week they said it was a school tradition, which trust me it isn`t, I`ve been there over 2 years, I would know. So I`m curious about who decided to have the celebration and if they`re a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan.
 My best guess is it`s one of the new teachers, or possibly the guidance councillor secretary. I went to see her so I could book an appointment during 3rd. They weren`t booking cause of the celebration, but she was all excited and just said to come by cause my counsellor would be there then.

Haha, I wonder if it`s a bad thing if the counselling secretary knows your name? Like, she knows exactly who I am, I didn't think I went that often! And it's not like it's a small school either! Compared to the sit it might be, but for the county area, 2000 it a lot of students and a lot of people to remember.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Had a lease ride today. Tommy did really well, he's been getting a really nice canter during our flat rides lately. Ones' that are nice to sit and were you don't need to be in a slight two point.

There was another lady in a lesson while I was riding. She seems nice, and I can only assume she rode Tommy in a lesson last Monday, because she kept watching us with this weird look, like she wanted to be riding him. Who can blame her? He's only the cutest horse at the barn! Assuming she is the one who rode him, I'm glad she rode YJ instead. Her leg at the canter isn't very steady and Tom absolutely hates that. You have to have a quite leg with him, otherwise he goes crazy! With a super fast canter, and he just won't listen.
 But then again, it might not be her at all. But I do know there is someone like that thats' been using him in lessons.

My darn van kept getting stuck in the stable parking lot though. It was really warm today, so the snow was super soft, and the van would sink into it and not want to go forward. In the end I just left it where it stopped.

So very excited for Friday since it's my last day of classes before winter break!

I feel bad for the sports casters that interview hockey players during half time. They're so sweaty and nasty, it must smell awful. Speaking of smelling awful, went to the gym tonight! And didn't stop at McD's for a burger and fries. I rarely do, but I've been craving them for the past three days!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

X-mas Shopping!!

So pleased!
I stopped at the bookstore on my way back from working out to look for my sisters present. Found it! So excited since the CD's I wanted to get her aren't stocked at the local music store, that I was able to find her the book she wanted!
  I could help myself though! I was wondering around and found one of my favorite sections, "New Age". They had two books by an author I know is good. The Real Witches Garden and The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West. I get you aren't supposed to buy things for yourself before Christmas, but I'm really getting into Wicca and the chances my parents would buy either of these for me is slim to none. So I got them. And I'm very excited to start reading.
  I also found some plugs! The only real ones were 8G all the others were "fake" plugs, so not buying those. I think I have to re pierce my right ear lobe because it's not quite in line with the one on the left. Oh well.

Still have to find something for my dad, we were thinking cycling gloves but we couldn't find any. Our mall fails. It's a fairly small town (sadly) so there's not that many good stores in our mall.

Only one week left of classes!
Babysat my cousins yesterday. That was delight x12. Speaking of which, last weekend was pretty good. The only annoying ones were my two youngest cousins, who couldn't seem to figure out they needed to stay with us and the other kids in the basement.  But other than that it was good!

And guess who got 94% on the their social exam?! ME!! XD

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday & Saturday

Just say a commercial for the worst show ever! "Bridalplasty". It's exactly what it sounds like. A group of women who are about the get married, go on this reality show and compete in challenges. Who ever loses goes home and the winner gets a bunch of different cosmetic surgery's. With people like this, the human species should NOT have survived.
Really, how insecure are these women? It's pathetic and disgusting. Then by the end they'll look like a totally different person! I'm crossing my fingers the winner gets left at the alter by her fiance because she won't even be the same person!

Enough ranting. Tommy did really well on Thursday, we FINALLY got to do some bigger jumps! Back to regular height this week around 2'6". Again no real course, it was a lot of line practice again, but Tom did super picking up his leads. Had a bit more trouble holding him back at a jump so he doesn't take of crazy long at the large jumps. His longs were good though, when we did have them though.

Had a lease ride today, he had a great canter and lovely trot. We didn't do much though, I was so tired and it was quite cold so I didn't want him to get sweaty, even though he's been clipped.
Poor thing though, he had so much ice in his feet when we got in the barn, I didn't want him moving around to much and slipping. So first thing I did after tying him up was start trying to chip the ice off so he's foot would be flat. After a minute and little success, I noticed he was starting to lean on me, he does this sometimes anyway, but he was leaning more than usual. I side stepped a little, because if he fell, I would have been crushed under him. Soon as I let his foot go and stepped away, he fell on his knees! He got up in like second and was fine, but it was a close call. My trainer brought me the hammer after, so I used that, and it went sooo much faster and all the ice was evened out in seconds.

Also have the best picture of the barns' cat! He was crouched in front of one the stalls, just staring up at it. It was weird, I'm not sure what he was looking at, there wasn't anything there moving or that exciting really.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

To Many Children!!

I'm babysitting for my aunt and uncle while they have their Christmas party tonight. It starts at 5:30 and goes 'til god knows when.

There's six kids in total. My two older cousins who are 11 and 9 (I think), my two younger cousins who are 4 and 2, then his IT guys kids which are 2 and 5.

Not excited at all. The two younger kids have bad attitudes and I've never met the other kids. It should be comforting that the parents will be there, but it's soooo not! If anything that makes it worse. I'm so bad with kids if they can't flat out tell me what they want.

My sister is coming with me, but she has to meet me there later because she has a basketball tournament right now. Once she's there it'll probably be easier, since then there's two of us. I'm not worried about my older cousins, they can look after themselves, but the other ones....!

Haha so we'll see how this goes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free Ride & Some Other Stuff

Ended up riding alone today, =).

Over all it was a good ride. Though we should do some work on turning on the forehand and haunches. Also did the same transition exercises from Thursday. Seriously have to find some new exercises for us to do. I saw a book the other day called 101 Ways to Improve Your Riding. So might check that out, see if there's anything helpful. For me, not so much Tommy.

Also had training today. Lots of cardio today! Not sure if I'll be in any pain tomorrow or not. Have to work on my eating though, otherwise I'm not going to lose any weight at all. Though I've been told I look skinner =) so that's exciting. So I guess body comp is changing, even if the numbers aren't.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


It would appear Tommys' lead changes are still out in the snow.  Though he did manage to get one at the end.
Did an interesting exercises to warm up with. The arena has dressage letters up on the walls so we started out at a trot then when we got to the next letter we'd go down to a walk and then up again. Then we did the same thing going  walk-trot-canter-trot-walk. It was a really good practice for both me and Tom. He had a tougher time going to the right and having a smooth transition down to the trot.

Jumping was good. Only had one long, but that's the only distance we had, and it worked out well. Though it was only two jumps and we were doing a figure eight type pattern.

Have a free ride tomorrow, going to meet up with one of my other friends that rides there, since we just got a new horse.
 Going to have to figure something out with my lesson buddy though. She drove us out on Thursday and we were late...again. I'm only ever late when I go with her. So our coach told us if we were late again, we'd both owe Kelsey (the other girl we ride with) 5 bucks. So yeah, going to have to talk to my lesson buddy, and let her know I'll be driving myself out, until she proves she can show up on time. Since as I said before it's incredibly disrespect for us to be this late. And I'm also the only one who apologizes, even though it's not my fault she had to stop at McDonald's and refuse to listen that we don't have time of this.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's So Unfair =(

My friend from the stable (the one I complain about ALL the time), wanted to workout tonight after she went riding during her spare.

 She decided not to go. No big deal of course, her mare will be fine, just fat. Especially since she hasn't been to see her in like three weeks.

If I had my own horse, I would so be out there as much as possible, not skipping rides and lessons to hang out with friends. Of course, my case is helped since I like to be alone verses other people.

When I first started riding, about 7 years ago, my parents said they would put aside $1500.00 for a horse. The stable I first started to ride at was terrible though, and the board was outrageous compared to the quality of their property and services.
  A year later I moved to a different stable, it was all around 100% better. The stable horses weren't fat and neglected and cranky, and the coach is amazing. The two important bits: they had a great leasing option, and at the start, the most important thing to me: board was super cheap. Outdoor is $365, compared to the $500+ at RBR.
 While at RBR, my parents had said that board was to expensive and they didn't want to buy a horse. Plus I'd only been riding for a year.
  So once we moved, I was so excited, cheaper board?! That had to mean we would get a horse!! But no, we didn't. Over the next two years, we fought a lot over getting a horse. I really wanted one (and still do), and they were being so unreasonable about the whole thing.
  After that, the topic of buying a horse came up every once in a while, but then I started leasing Diesel and was really happy with him for about 3 years. I didn't really think about wanting my own horse, except when he miss behaved at shows.
   Last fall Diesel started to develop back problems, when we tried to put the saddle on his back did this weird twitching thing. Once we had the saddle on and he started moving, he was fine. But still....So she got acupuncture done. It did a lot for another mare at the barn, but it didn't do much for Diesel and he was put in the field and eventually sold to another barn.
   Then my trainer bought Tommy, and I started working with him. And I love him! He's the greatest, and just what I would have wanted in a horse I bought for myself.

Over those years, I never seriously wanted a horse of my own for the most part. Every once in a while though, I couldn't help it and looked through online ads, local and international (if it's not for really, why not right?). There wasn't ever much for under $1500 especially for a jumper. So for now, I just have to continue to look through classifieds and wait another four years when I start working and can afforded a horse.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday and Sunday

Thursday was okay, not as good as our past couple weeks, where me and Tom did really good. He was again getting quick to the jumps even though we weren't doing a course. It's going to be a skill building winter I think. Really I don't mind, but I miss the challenges and fun of doing the a real course.
  It helps though, that I do understand why we are focusing on skill building, but the jumps...they're so small still.
  When I moved into the advanced class this year I was stoked, it's what I've been working for you know? But sometimes it doesn't seem like it. I suppose it will in the spring when we get back outside and use the massive outdoor ring. So yeah.
  Anyway, more work on holding him back to the jumps and it would appear that Tommy has lost his lead changes out in the snow this week.

I had a lease ride today, part of it was during this other girls lesson. Quick background before the story: This chicks horse belongs to her grandma/mum, who was paying my coach to show this mare, as well as train two of her other horses. This mare, is beautiful! I've never seen her jump until today, but she looks amazing. She's (apparently) a fabulous dressage horse too, since she's done will in the shows this summer.
  But I'm not sure about this girl, she looks about 14-15, and she's definitely 'one of those people'. You know that rider that thinks they're the shit? However it's really the horse that's the shit.
  I'm not sure if that's the case this time though, but her attitude is of on of those people, not to mention she probably thinks she's better than everyone else. She seems nice enough and like a pretty decent rider, I guess its just how she looks and acts.
...or maybe I'm jealous that she has such an awesome horse and from what her grandma/mum are saying, they have several others.

But whatever. Tommy did good today, but I need to find some more exercises for us to do.

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Stories About That Same Bad Friend

Ha, I might have ranted about her before on this same topic but I don't remember.

She sent me a text at 1am to see if I could go to the gym and go to the barn with her today, but I couldn't since I already have plans with another friend. So that's what I told her, but then she got all pissy, so I said I'd talk to my other friend and see. She couldn't switch our plans to tomorrow, so I sent my other friend a text saying I couldn't today, but asked if she could tomorrow, her text back? No.
 Like, seriously, fuck you. She makes me go out of my way to try and appease her, when I don't want to, then gets pissed when I can't, but if it's the other way around? She makes no fucking effort. I always have to have an excuses. But not anymore. Next time she wants to hangout, my text back will be No. And she can fucking take it however she wants, I don't even care anymore.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes!! It's finally started snowing again today! Hopefully it'll stick this time, I really want to go skiing, and it just doesn't feel like winter without it.
   My mum lived in Australia for a while, she stayed with some friends in Sydney and worked at IBM. In Sydney they have this thing called "Carols in the Park' and she went with her friends, she said it was the weirdest thing, being Christmas time without the snow, and that it just felt weird.
I had a training session today. Oh my jeez, I'm sooo sore. We did lots of intesive weight training so my arms really hurt. For cardio I had to do Jacobs Ladder for 3 min at quite a high speed, so now walking is a bit complicated.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Damn Rain

I was so excited to take Tommy for a ride outside today, but thanks to the weather, that didn't happen.

So we stayed inside, I have to find some more exercises to work his haunches at the canter. He's so lazy. We've also been having problems picking up the right (or left) lead when we aren't in the corners. He hasn't had this problem before, and I'm not sure why it started.
  The good thing is, he's finally got his energy back. These past two weeks or some he's been he's normal energetic self again.

Had a training session today at the rec center. Oh my Jesus, I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow. Also have to get up early tomorrow morning and do a workout. Luckily it's just a run and some Pilate's stuff. I'll be really upset if I don't lose anything this week, since I have a workout pretty much everyday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Much For That.

So I talked to my trainer and she said I can pick up some extra free rides on the weekends, so I'll just have to double check if I'm paying for them or not.

Apparently there is no way that I have any hope of a career in show jumping or any other equestrian sport for that matter. Unless I win the lottery or something.
  I've been wanting to do a lot more showing, and getting more advanced, but when I merely suggested to my dad that we get a bigger lease on Tommy, he completely shot it down. Which is really upsetting and completely unreasonable. My sister plays basketball 2-4 times a week and if she makes the school team, it will be more. Fuck, that's so not fair and I don't see the difference both are expensive and it's not like mines anymore expensive, or that I'm even asking for my own horse.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 I have FINALLY found it!
  I've been looking for the longest time and then I found I could buy Manic Panic here since I couldn't find Punky. But today I went to school with my mum and then she let me take the van, so I drove to the closest mall. They have a HUGE drug store and I was looking at the black dye and bleach kits, then what happened to catch my eye? Punky! It's only 8.99 verses Manic Panic which is 14.99 for a tiny little bottle. The unfortunate thing is, that they only had 3 or 4 colors, two shades of red and two shades of green.
   Lately I've been thinking that I would go with green and yellow, but I'm not sure yet. Grad pics are next week and they won't have a new shipment of Punky Color for a couple weeks.

What color(s) do you think I should go with?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Tommy Actually

Unfortunately I forgot my camera today, I meant to take it out to the barn with me since it was so nice I thought I could get some cute pictures of Tommy, or at least of the pretty scenery.
    I also have a lease ride tomorrow, but I think I'm going in the evening again since I have to go help my Grandma start on my grad dress! Very excited.

As for our ride today, it was good. He only picked up the wrong lead once, and he picked up the correct ones. Lately he's been trying to run into the canter and gets a crazy fast trot, but we didn't have any problems with that today. I had to work more to hold him back heading to the out gate since the outdoor ring is on a slight slant towards the gate. I was going to take him out on the back trails but didn't. I might check with my trainer, now that it's hunting season I don't know if she wants anyone out there. I can't think why anyone would be hunting on their property and it is all fenced off, but all the same, I think I'll check.
The first two pictures are from October, before it snowed. The jumping one was taken last December/January sometime.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday Lesson

We didn't do any real jump course yesterday. We did a lot of work on 'skill building'.
  At the front end of the arena, we had a two pillons set up in the corners and in the middle we had several jump poles on the ground. We had to trot between the pillons, the walls and then through the rails on the grounds. The idea was to collect in the corners and then lengthen through the rails and along the walls.
  We did well at the trot, until we had to jump the box that was but in the rail passage. He kept on scooting out to the right or left depending on our direction. But eventually we got it.

                     "                             "
                "                                      "
              ___   ____     ____   _____    
              ___    ____      ___      ____
Ha, so that's an attempted diagram of what we did. Without the box jump.
He did okay at the canter, we broke to a trot frequently, but that's not a surprise, Tommy hates having to use his hind end at the canter so it was good pratice for him.
   For that actually jumping bit, he did really well over the vertical. Only once did we end up trotting over it because we had a bad distance over the poles.
   The oxer was good, with one run out since I turned him to early and he broke to a trot. He clipped the oxer each time we went over, but we figured that it was because we didn't have a lot of the momentum we would have if we'd had other jumps leading up to the oxer, but he did well.
  Since I didn't make it out on Monday, I'm planning on going out on Sunday, hoping it will be nice out enough to head out on the trails.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Improving Quickly!

These last couple weeks Tommy and me have been doing a lot better, which is great, but he's been quite flat the last couple weeks. He's gained a lot of weight back since we moved him out of the same pen as Edgar, so at least we don't have to worry about that when winter hits.

 He seems so much happier now that he's in a new pen. When we first got him last December/January, he would come running up to anyone that opened the gate. Once he got put in with Edgar, he wasn't as keen, however he's back to his old self and coming over.

 We had a rail down on our Thursday lesson which is unusual, but it was an 18" jump, so he really had no respect for it. Nor do I for that matter, epically when it's a legit part of a coarse. But we did our best and our last round was amazing. We did two previous rounds, and the first one I got left behind at the first jump in the diagonal line, but we both recovered well for the rest of course. The second, I had expected him to jump the first part of the line in a similar fashion, so I got ahead of him, but again, we had a good recovery and finished well.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The social project I was talking about before, I think I've done a good job on my part but my partner has done zero work. And she doesn't like presenting. Neither do I, but I'm going to do it anyway. I now have to do her part of the project so that we (I) don't lose marks.
  I talked to my teacher after class (since I managed to ditch her). And I was like "I know this is a group project and part of it is probably trying to work with people, but my partner has done zero work and she's now asking me to remind her to do her part of the project over the weekend. I should not have to do that. She should be able to remember herself. So can you please mark us individually on this project?
  He said yes. Thank god. The other thing is, I'm questioning whether or not she will even show up to class on Monday. I'm going to hazard a guess at yes, but she'll forget the questions and fuck up any thing she has to say out loud. So...yeah. Going to have to practice my part so I look really good, and make up some witness questions and some possibly prepare some cross examination questions.
   But she's whining "poor me, i have to come up with questions of the top of my head! Boo hoo!" Like can you shut up please and simmer down, Christ. We both know, I'm going to be the one doing the work and asking the questions. But she has a surprise coming when she gets her mark back doesn't she?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tommy, and other things.

Tommy did pretty good today! We're getting better about not taking of at crazy longs anymore, so that's good. We had a bit of trouble on the warm up practices. My trainer had set up three jumps that you jump in a circle. Going to the left has a bit hard for Tommy, when he gets strong, he doesn't listen, he just plows on through the coarse. So hopefully exercises like this will help improve with our take offs. Very proud of him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Short Distances!

Me and Tommy are finally getting better about taking off to far from the jump! We did have one ultra crazy long to an oxer, but he still jumped it beautifully and I didn't get left behind or anything. The second one was more of a hunter style long. So that was okay, aside from it being a jumper coarse.
 But for the most part we did really well today, very proud of him.

Hoping to go riding on Sunday, with any luck alone, since it's supposed to be really nice, so then we can ride in the outdoor ring and out on the trails at least one last time, before it gets to cold and crappy out there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Tried So Hard!

To convince my friend not to come riding with me this morning.  But it didn't work. Which really is both suckish and not suckish at the same time. Me and Tommy did well today, a bit of bare back again. Not as good as it was last week but not terrible either. Again need to work on how to have a better transition down from the canter to trot and walk.

See I didn't want her to come because we've hung out everyday for the past week and I need some space! Plus it was soo pretty out this morning. A bit chilly, but I would have loved to ride outside and for go bareback to go for a trail ride to cool down instead. The forecast is the same for next week so I might just tell her (at the last minute) that I'm going on Sunday instead. This way I can go alone and hopefully ride outside.

That's the lovely thing about Tommy is that he doesn't spook the way Diesel used to do on the trails.

So mad! Oh my fuck! So I have this 8yr old cousin, and today her mum was like "can you hook us up with your trainer? Alice wants to try riding." I was like "No. She doesn't teach to people under 12."
  See I'm upset because this kid is a spoiled brat. She gets whatever she wants, and if she decides she wants to have her own pony, they will probably buy her one. Its not fair.  I've been riding for so long, if anyone should get a horse its me. I know how much work they are, how to look after them, all that stuff. But she's a tool who doesn't know anything. AHH! Fuck me in the nut!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yay Tom Tom!

Had a free ride yesterday and my friend couldn't go because she was at a concert. Which I'm quite glad about. We did lots of circles and transitions. On free rides I try and ride bareback a bit, so we did that. He did soooo well!! Had a nice trot, and he picked up that canter right away, so we didn't have that horrible bouncy, uneven trot that he usually starts with. And it was a lovely balanced canter too! We went around the whole arena, rather than just doing circles at the top. The only bad bit was the trot coming out of the canter, we had a really bad, choppy trot, but it'll get better.

Getting my industrial bar on Saturday!!

Soo tired!! Had a meeting with my trainer but she's in the ER, so that's definitely not good, but she did give me a workout to do on my own.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grad Dresses

I saw a mouse today. Outside, it ran across the road and hid under the leaves in the front yard. Aren't you excited? No?! Well you really should be.

Anyway! So this afternoon me and my grandma went to the fabric shop because she's helping me make my grad dress. We found the pattern I was looking for. It's a Vogue, Marilyn Monroe style dress. It's lovely! I'm so excited for it, but my grandma seems a bit worried that it's to "daring". So, all I have to do is check with my parents ('cause I so LOVE getting they're consent). But oh well. For this, I will make an exception.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art Class

 I have art everyday, first block. We are doing still-life right now. Normally I'm pretty critical and negative about my art, but I really LOVE how mine looks so far. There are only 8 kids in my art level at the most, usually 6 everyday. And my "friend" is in my class.

 This is going to sound mean, and I feel bad, but it's true...she's terrible. She really can't draw realism, which is fine, not everyone can. But she's always asking me "does it look okay?" "its looking better hey?". I always say "Yeah, its turning out nicely."
Its not. My art teacher is always trying to help her with it, but it's no use.
Anyway, looking at her crappy thing since she asked (again) "Does this look good?" "Yeah, it's really looking a lot better the more you work on it." (LIES!) So then she looks over at mine and is like "Yours looks pretty good."
 But she's got this "edge" to her voice, like she doesn't mean it. I could have slapped her. I love my drawing right now, and it looks great. Not pretty good. Great. Especially since she's probably comparing it to hers. And as she rightly put it, "it looks like a 10 year old drew it."
It's true.

Ha ha enough ranting, I'm trying (not very hard) to be nicer.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Joys of Leasing

Ha. So last Wednesday, I went out to barn with my friend to do my lease ride and to bring my friend out to see the barn and meet my coach, since she wants to move to my stable.
  Guess who showed up? Barn Bitch 1(she's the chick that just recently started to lease Tommy). Since about June. Anyway, she was supposed to come out on Thursday, not Wednesday. Anyway, she rode my other friend Nora's horse instead. Because my coach told her too.
  She has some condition or something, where she wont talk. It's not mute-ism its something else. Anyway she just gave me this really bitchy look in the barn and went and sat in the truck with her dad until my trainer should up and told her to ride Shawn.  I totally though she was going to make her dad come out and yell at me to let her ride Tommy.

Out of the five years I've been leasing my horses this is the only time this has happened. Actually once before. Diesel was being used in a lesson because my coach forgot I was coming out to ride so instead I rode Tango.

I'm tired. It's weird. No matter how much I sleep I'm exhausted. I've gone to bed as early as 9:30 and as late as 11 this week and I've exhausted everyday. So annoying.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leura, Australia

Leura is a beautiful little town in Australia's Blue Mountians. I really miss it, it felt  like home, it was cold...sort of, and it reminded me of Jasper/Canmore. Of course the native trees in Australia are green all year round but the tree's on Leura's main street had no leaves at the time. So it was like Jasper in the fall/winter.

Soo pretty. If you are ever in Australia, make the trip up from Sydney to Leura. It's only a couple hours drive up. Plus they have the greatest old style candy shop, and loads of other cute little stores. And they have way better pop tart flavours than we do here!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


The show was awesome!! Tommy did soo well! I'm so proud of him!
We got clear in both the 2' and 2'6" but unfortunately didn't place in either. We were to slow in the first one and the second he refused the very last jump, the same very last jump he had a rail down on last time.
 It wasn't really a refusal, it was the last jump in a big bending line, we did great over the oxer, but he had to much speed so the turn was difficult and then my trainer yelled something and I got distracted and pulled to hard on the reins so he was going to slow to jump.
 But I couldn't possibly be mad at him! It was mostly my fault so I can't blame him for that. It was great that he was totally fine with moving up in height too, I was really surprised. I thought we'd be having rails down all over in the 2'6".

I have a couple stories about two dumb ass that were there, but I'm trying to go to bed early, because tomorrow is the first day of school. BLAHH! I've already lost my locker combination, so I'll have to go get that from the office. Its weird, because I saw it just the other day, thought "I better remember this" and now its lost. Nice.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Second Show Tomorrow.

And I'm not sure how we'll do. I can't remember if I mentioned this last time or not, but it seems like all the hard work me and Tommy have been doing since December (when he first moved to the barn and I started training with him) has just gone completely down hill. But only since I've gotten back from holidays. We were gone for 5 weeks and he did no jumping at all, instead some stupid bitch started leasing him too and has been using him for dressage.
That's not a bad thing, and I don't have a problem with dressage, but I do have a problem with the girl riding him. I really don't like her. Mostly 'cause she's riding my horse. Plus I've always done my free ride on Sundays for the past 5 years. Guess who has decided when to do her ride? Yay. I'm kind of annoyed  that my coach even agreed to that since its when I ride. However, I'm pleased to have messed up her schedule this week with my show being on Sunday.
So hopefully the show goes well. We are going in the 18"-2' division, which are really just warm up jumps for me and Tommy, and also in the 2'-2'6" division, which is where we normally are.

I want my own horse. What rider doesn't? But I can't get one right now. My stable is lovely and has some of the most affordable outdoor board rates, but then you have to add in the vet, dentist, farrier, transport, tack, show fees, etc etc. Not to mention the cost of the horse.
My trainer is forever talking about how people buy a cheap horse and just want to pay for extra training and how that doesn't usually work. The training cost end up being way more than they think, so they ought to have bought a more expensive and well trained horse.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving Up

So, me and Tommy are moving up this year! Into the Advanced Jumper class! This is very exciting, because I've been working towards this for the past 5+ years.
We also have our last, and second, show of the season. Hopefully we will do as well as last time in the first class and better than last time in the second class.

However, there's something I never mentioned before. Tommy is not my horse. He belongs to my trainer, and I lease him from her. I love Tom to bits, but I really want my own horse. The problem is that I'll be going to University next year, and the other problem is I don't have the money for one right now.

It's very depressing. But I still have Tommy for now. I don't know how people can give up things that they are so passoniate about when they go to school, if everything works out, I should have a crappy car next year so I can still ride at my current stable, otherwise I may have to start taking lessons at the show barn in the city, by my grandmas house, which is also pretty close to the university.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Been A While...

Been really busy studying and riding so I haven't had a lot of time to blog.

Anyway I passed all my classes fairly well, so next year should be decent now that I have my science diplomas out of the way, unless of course I need to up grade. But I really, really hope I won't have too.

As for Tommy, we had our first show on Sunday and we did really well! The clear round 18" was a breeze, and the classic was too. Then in the 2' class we ran into problems. We had a rail down over the first clear round, but we bought another ticket and did it again, and went clear. But in the classic, we had a heart breaking rail down. The very last rail, and until then it was perfect, I can say with all honesty, we would have placed high if that rail had stayed up.

We ended up with two clear round ribbons and a very pretty and well earned 3rd place ribbon with a $42 cheque!

Our next show will be for sure on the 29th of August, I'm on holidays for the next 5 weeks so I'm not sure about anything before then, but that show is the same as the first so I'm hoping we'll do well in it too. If Tommy is in good enough shape and we are doing well enough I would hopefully be in the 18", 2' and the 2'6". At this show they go up by 6".

He is amazing  he was so calm and quiet at the show, it was amazing. In the past I've always had horses like Diesel, which are crazy! They are loud and don't listen and just crazy. It was lovely to have a change. My coach was talking to my dad and she said that she was happy I finally had a horse that was well behaved. Honestly I was so surprised because he's very energetic and in the outdoor ring at home he gets really ahead of himself so he's going to fast and then skids out at the jump

Oh! And on Saturday I got my drivers license, today's my 17th birthday, I'm going shopping with one of my best friends tomorrow and on Saturday I'm going to Australia!! Defiantly a very good week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Awe Tommy!! I've started riding bareback again, which I haven't done since about this time last year with Diesel, because he totally freaked out so that was the end of that. And since Tango was always nuts it was better to just not try at all.

 But last Friday I decided to give it a shot with Tommy, we just walked a bit at first and then I put him on a circle and we did some trotting. He was super good. And as someone that must always push the envelope; I lowered all the jumps to just under a foot (better not try anything too crazy), and we trotted over those! He was soo good, its defiantly nice to have a horse to ride bareback with again.
 In our lesson this week we jumped a course with the highest jumps at about 2'9"! Higher than what I'd been doing with Diesel and he's a much bigger horse than Tommy!
 So this Friday all the jumps were still up so I again just lowered them all, and we did our warm up and then went bareback to do a bit more work and cool down. He did really well over almost all of them, which is saying a lot because he has little respect for small jumps. But after one, he got in a couple canter strides before I brought him down to a walk. And I was kind of like "oh...that was fun...and not insane". (his usual canter is really really quick). So I just had to push the envelope again and we went back over the jumps and this time I asked him for a bit of  a canter after we landed which he did!!! Such an awesome ride! Also another good thing he listened, all be it, reluctantly to come back to a trot and then a walk! So, so proud of him!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So much to say...

Tommy did really well towards the end of the lesson today. He loves to take of long to jumps and at 2'3" its not that much of a problem, but he's lazy and not using his back end so we're trying to get him to take off closer to the jump. And by then end he did super well over a course of six jumps so I'm proud of him.

My nose stud go ripped out of my face today. Yeah, we had a chem lab and the goggles slid down my nose and when I took them off, I just pulled them straight off my face and the edge caught under neath the stud and pulled it right out. Didn't hurt surprisingly and luck me (literally!) my chem partner who used to have hers done and a couple left over in her pencil case. Don't worry (as I'm sure you are =P) they were clean and sterile and what not, so I've got that in now. Going to the mall with my besty tomorrow so probably going to pick up a couple new packs then if they aren't to much.
 Also have to see how much some cheap extensions are so that I can get dyeing my hair! Well technically someone elses...well no, because its synthetic hair...whatever. So I'm still unsure about which colors I want to start with because its $25 for 2 tubs of dye and I still need some new permanent black stuff, but I think I'll what to do that until a week or some before I go on holidays. Only 39 sleeps left! Which means I need to get my ass in gear for working out! Everyday after school god damn it! and NO junk food!!

And last thing for tonight, my bio partner is insane...actually now that I think about that could be really yeah, he's nuts and I'm going to bed =D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I REALLY Hate Bad Drivers

Oh my f***ing God! So I was really trying to let this go and not let it piss me off but yeah that's not happening. If I could go back in time, get out of my car and deck her square in the face I totally would!

So I was heading into the main city as part of my drivers training and I had to turn left of the main highway on to another main highway, but before I could turn I had to let the people heading north on the opposite side of the highway go past, and the only car not turning right of that road is this giant gravel truck, its less than half a block away so there's no way I'm pulling out in front of him. He wont be able to stop and he'll crush my little Camry hybrid, and I don't really want to die, so I'm staying.
 Now I'm not sure if this lady could see the truck from where she was, but I'm pretty sure she could. And just before the truck goes by, I glance in the rear view mirror, and she's staring at the back of my car shouting "What the F**K?" God, good thing I was with my driving instructor, otherwise I'd have flipped her off and clearly suffering from road rage that probably wouldn't be a very good idea.  So, anyway, I then make the turn, and she rips past me and tries to cut me off, HA, b**ch was going to fast so her car weaved and she decided maybe that wasn't a good idea.
 However, she did have a passenger but what are the chances she was yelling at him, while staring at my car? I tend to look at the people I yell at, even when driving.
 So I very much hope that she was involved in a one car collision and is now in a lot of pain :). I'm such a bitch, but whatever, she has it coming. You cant be that stupid and expect to get away with it.
 Other than that, I really liked driving downtown actually, although I have one complaint, there is an intersection where there are 5 points of entry, and that my friends, is confusing as hell.

BTW, sorry for the profanity but its the only way to get this point properly across.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show Season Will Be Starting Soon....

And I'm totally nervous about it!
 I've been reading trainers blog while she's been away at a 3 day dressage show, and even she's nervous about her shows!
 It would be soo nice to live in England, horses shows every weekend! Then you'd probably be more used to them, but I only go to a couple every season. Last year I went to one with Diesel because after a while he was starting to have back problems. In the total of 3 show season I had him for: we sucked the first year (only had him for a couple months). 2nd year: placed 4th in one show and in the second show we got a 4th and 5th. Last year we just didn't place at all. So that was a big bummer.

Tango, I only had her for about 6 months in the winter. We just weren't as good a match as originally anticipated, but I defiantly learned a lot from how to fall off. So me and her never did end up showing, but I've seen her around at a couple shows and all I can say is thank god.

Rocket, my first horse...we did well. First show season we did two shows. Placed 1st 4x!! Twice on the flat, twice jumping. As well as a second and third. The next year we probably would have placed but he spooked at a jump and I fell off, so no ribbons that time around.

Part of the reason me and Diesel didn't place that last year is because I forgot the courses so then we didn't place. But now I'm always worried about forgetting the courses....I read on a forum about just drawing the course on your hand and then you can remember it because its always with you. Defiantly going to try it out, but I'm worried about Tommy because he's a bit hot headed in new places so...yeah...things could get interesting.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Most Amazing Car Ever!

Got the chance to drive the new 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid today. What a sick car! If I had the $24, 000.00 it took to buy that car I deffinatly would! So smooth and so quite, no screwing with the volume for the radio =). Good breaking and handling which was could 'cause it rained the whole time!

And if your wondering, I cheaped out of going running because there was a thunder storm. And not the nice warm thunder storms that you want go and stand outside in, but freezeing cold and windy. So going to have to find something else today as the weather is supposed to suck all of May long. Good thing I'm avoiding tanning this year!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Really Should Go For a Run...

Ahh it would be such a nice day to go for a run. Its like +15 and total cloud cover, the track is what? Maybe a ten minute walk away? But I'm so tired, I'd really rather just stay home and find new music on absolute punk, and watch Vampire Diaries, or Heartland, or the Secret Life...better stop this, I'm talking myself into staying home damn it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tommy (maybe) doing better and my bio partner will be the end of my sanity

I had a jumping lesson with Tommy the other day. He did very well all things considered. We rode outdoors for about 5 minutes before the lightning storm got to close for comfort and we headed in to wait. After about 10 minutes we could go back out and carry on.
 It must have been a blessing in disguise, before the storm it had been +30 outside, after about +20. The humidity wasn't pleasant. But the warming up in one ring and riding in another gave Tommy a bit of a taste of what show season will be like.
 He managed not to rush the jumps and actually listen to me, so I'm really impressed. Though his paddock is so muddy I'm defiantly going to need to break out the show sheen to keep his white spots white! And some sunscreen for his nose.

So I'm taking grade 12 biology and chemistry this year. I have to prepare a plant lab in bio tomorrow, this would not be a problem what so ever, however, my lab partner is literally the dumbest person I have ever meet. Like actually, there's no comparison. But if I go into to much detail about his idiocy I'll just drive myself (even) crazier. And I'm sure he'll crop up again in this blog anyway. No worries if he makes any stupid suggestions I'll just punch him in the throat...just kidding of course. I'll just imagine it. =P. I have an 80 in bio so I'm not worried about him screwing me up...he and his 58 should be glad I work with him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Under Control?

Got to see my bestest buddy Tommy today! Rode outside again since it was cloudy and to hot. Surprisingly he didn't have a huge out-of-control canter I had been expecting. Though we weren't jumping so that could be why. Took him out back for a cool down in the hay fields and wooded area. He was pretty chill the whole time even when a couple deer ran by ahead of us. He had a nice trot out back too. Not like my old horse Diesel, he was always pretty spooky on the trails and the meadows. Tango was also a bit of a loony, but I didn't have her very long so it could just have been she wasn't used to being ridden outdoors.

And in case your curious, but i doubt you are. My bangs are still ghastly short, but sweeping them to the left makes them look a bit better. Your finger nails grow longer in the summer heat, I wonder if the same thing happens with hair? On another point of vanity, I found a recipe to "bleach" skin. Really it just makes it a shade or so paler I wouldn't say it bleached though. Its just putting milk, lemon juice and a sock full of oatmeal in a warm bath and sit in it for 15 min. once a week for about a month. And it has a face wash too in case you don't want to snorkel in your bath tube =P.

Actually I have a third vain statement to make: I'm unfortunately broke so I have to wait before I can dye my hair any ridiculous color. I was thinking Manic Panics "Atomic Blue" and "Tiger Lily" streaks to start with, and then I would some how like to get in "Electric Banana", "Green Envy", Deadly Nightshade" and "Vampire Red", not all at once of course. Having to maintain that would be hell and they'd probably look pretty weird. Also MP is pretty pricey, about $15 for one jar and $25 for two depending on where you shop, plus bleach...sigh, if only I had unlimited disposable income...

Also went to the gym for the first time in a while. Glad I did. Weighed in today at about 162.2lbs. Odd because its gone down and the only exercise I've gotten is riding Tommy and walking my dog Storm.

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