Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yay Tom Tom!

Had a free ride yesterday and my friend couldn't go because she was at a concert. Which I'm quite glad about. We did lots of circles and transitions. On free rides I try and ride bareback a bit, so we did that. He did soooo well!! Had a nice trot, and he picked up that canter right away, so we didn't have that horrible bouncy, uneven trot that he usually starts with. And it was a lovely balanced canter too! We went around the whole arena, rather than just doing circles at the top. The only bad bit was the trot coming out of the canter, we had a really bad, choppy trot, but it'll get better.

Getting my industrial bar on Saturday!!

Soo tired!! Had a meeting with my trainer but she's in the ER, so that's definitely not good, but she did give me a workout to do on my own.

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