Monday, October 11, 2010

I Tried So Hard!

To convince my friend not to come riding with me this morning.  But it didn't work. Which really is both suckish and not suckish at the same time. Me and Tommy did well today, a bit of bare back again. Not as good as it was last week but not terrible either. Again need to work on how to have a better transition down from the canter to trot and walk.

See I didn't want her to come because we've hung out everyday for the past week and I need some space! Plus it was soo pretty out this morning. A bit chilly, but I would have loved to ride outside and for go bareback to go for a trail ride to cool down instead. The forecast is the same for next week so I might just tell her (at the last minute) that I'm going on Sunday instead. This way I can go alone and hopefully ride outside.

That's the lovely thing about Tommy is that he doesn't spook the way Diesel used to do on the trails.

So mad! Oh my fuck! So I have this 8yr old cousin, and today her mum was like "can you hook us up with your trainer? Alice wants to try riding." I was like "No. She doesn't teach to people under 12."
  See I'm upset because this kid is a spoiled brat. She gets whatever she wants, and if she decides she wants to have her own pony, they will probably buy her one. Its not fair.  I've been riding for so long, if anyone should get a horse its me. I know how much work they are, how to look after them, all that stuff. But she's a tool who doesn't know anything. AHH! Fuck me in the nut!

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