Saturday, June 12, 2010


Awe Tommy!! I've started riding bareback again, which I haven't done since about this time last year with Diesel, because he totally freaked out so that was the end of that. And since Tango was always nuts it was better to just not try at all.

 But last Friday I decided to give it a shot with Tommy, we just walked a bit at first and then I put him on a circle and we did some trotting. He was super good. And as someone that must always push the envelope; I lowered all the jumps to just under a foot (better not try anything too crazy), and we trotted over those! He was soo good, its defiantly nice to have a horse to ride bareback with again.
 In our lesson this week we jumped a course with the highest jumps at about 2'9"! Higher than what I'd been doing with Diesel and he's a much bigger horse than Tommy!
 So this Friday all the jumps were still up so I again just lowered them all, and we did our warm up and then went bareback to do a bit more work and cool down. He did really well over almost all of them, which is saying a lot because he has little respect for small jumps. But after one, he got in a couple canter strides before I brought him down to a walk. And I was kind of like "oh...that was fun...and not insane". (his usual canter is really really quick). So I just had to push the envelope again and we went back over the jumps and this time I asked him for a bit of  a canter after we landed which he did!!! Such an awesome ride! Also another good thing he listened, all be it, reluctantly to come back to a trot and then a walk! So, so proud of him!

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