Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Been A While...

Been really busy studying and riding so I haven't had a lot of time to blog.

Anyway I passed all my classes fairly well, so next year should be decent now that I have my science diplomas out of the way, unless of course I need to up grade. But I really, really hope I won't have too.

As for Tommy, we had our first show on Sunday and we did really well! The clear round 18" was a breeze, and the classic was too. Then in the 2' class we ran into problems. We had a rail down over the first clear round, but we bought another ticket and did it again, and went clear. But in the classic, we had a heart breaking rail down. The very last rail, and until then it was perfect, I can say with all honesty, we would have placed high if that rail had stayed up.

We ended up with two clear round ribbons and a very pretty and well earned 3rd place ribbon with a $42 cheque!

Our next show will be for sure on the 29th of August, I'm on holidays for the next 5 weeks so I'm not sure about anything before then, but that show is the same as the first so I'm hoping we'll do well in it too. If Tommy is in good enough shape and we are doing well enough I would hopefully be in the 18", 2' and the 2'6". At this show they go up by 6".

He is amazing  he was so calm and quiet at the show, it was amazing. In the past I've always had horses like Diesel, which are crazy! They are loud and don't listen and just crazy. It was lovely to have a change. My coach was talking to my dad and she said that she was happy I finally had a horse that was well behaved. Honestly I was so surprised because he's very energetic and in the outdoor ring at home he gets really ahead of himself so he's going to fast and then skids out at the jump

Oh! And on Saturday I got my drivers license, today's my 17th birthday, I'm going shopping with one of my best friends tomorrow and on Saturday I'm going to Australia!! Defiantly a very good week!

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