Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So much to say...

Tommy did really well towards the end of the lesson today. He loves to take of long to jumps and at 2'3" its not that much of a problem, but he's lazy and not using his back end so we're trying to get him to take off closer to the jump. And by then end he did super well over a course of six jumps so I'm proud of him.

My nose stud go ripped out of my face today. Yeah, we had a chem lab and the goggles slid down my nose and when I took them off, I just pulled them straight off my face and the edge caught under neath the stud and pulled it right out. Didn't hurt surprisingly and luck me (literally!) my chem partner who used to have hers done and a couple left over in her pencil case. Don't worry (as I'm sure you are =P) they were clean and sterile and what not, so I've got that in now. Going to the mall with my besty tomorrow so probably going to pick up a couple new packs then if they aren't to much.
 Also have to see how much some cheap extensions are so that I can get dyeing my hair! Well technically someone elses...well no, because its synthetic hair...whatever. So I'm still unsure about which colors I want to start with because its $25 for 2 tubs of dye and I still need some new permanent black stuff, but I think I'll what to do that until a week or some before I go on holidays. Only 39 sleeps left! Which means I need to get my ass in gear for working out! Everyday after school god damn it! and NO junk food!!

And last thing for tonight, my bio partner is insane...actually now that I think about that could be really long...so yeah, he's nuts and I'm going to bed =D

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