Friday, November 19, 2010

More Stories About That Same Bad Friend

Ha, I might have ranted about her before on this same topic but I don't remember.

She sent me a text at 1am to see if I could go to the gym and go to the barn with her today, but I couldn't since I already have plans with another friend. So that's what I told her, but then she got all pissy, so I said I'd talk to my other friend and see. She couldn't switch our plans to tomorrow, so I sent my other friend a text saying I couldn't today, but asked if she could tomorrow, her text back? No.
 Like, seriously, fuck you. She makes me go out of my way to try and appease her, when I don't want to, then gets pissed when I can't, but if it's the other way around? She makes no fucking effort. I always have to have an excuses. But not anymore. Next time she wants to hangout, my text back will be No. And she can fucking take it however she wants, I don't even care anymore.

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