Saturday, November 27, 2010


It would appear Tommys' lead changes are still out in the snow.  Though he did manage to get one at the end.
Did an interesting exercises to warm up with. The arena has dressage letters up on the walls so we started out at a trot then when we got to the next letter we'd go down to a walk and then up again. Then we did the same thing going  walk-trot-canter-trot-walk. It was a really good practice for both me and Tom. He had a tougher time going to the right and having a smooth transition down to the trot.

Jumping was good. Only had one long, but that's the only distance we had, and it worked out well. Though it was only two jumps and we were doing a figure eight type pattern.

Have a free ride tomorrow, going to meet up with one of my other friends that rides there, since we just got a new horse.
 Going to have to figure something out with my lesson buddy though. She drove us out on Thursday and we were late...again. I'm only ever late when I go with her. So our coach told us if we were late again, we'd both owe Kelsey (the other girl we ride with) 5 bucks. So yeah, going to have to talk to my lesson buddy, and let her know I'll be driving myself out, until she proves she can show up on time. Since as I said before it's incredibly disrespect for us to be this late. And I'm also the only one who apologizes, even though it's not my fault she had to stop at McDonald's and refuse to listen that we don't have time of this.

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