Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Much For That.

So I talked to my trainer and she said I can pick up some extra free rides on the weekends, so I'll just have to double check if I'm paying for them or not.

Apparently there is no way that I have any hope of a career in show jumping or any other equestrian sport for that matter. Unless I win the lottery or something.
  I've been wanting to do a lot more showing, and getting more advanced, but when I merely suggested to my dad that we get a bigger lease on Tommy, he completely shot it down. Which is really upsetting and completely unreasonable. My sister plays basketball 2-4 times a week and if she makes the school team, it will be more. Fuck, that's so not fair and I don't see the difference both are expensive and it's not like mines anymore expensive, or that I'm even asking for my own horse.

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