Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's So Unfair =(

My friend from the stable (the one I complain about ALL the time), wanted to workout tonight after she went riding during her spare.

 She decided not to go. No big deal of course, her mare will be fine, just fat. Especially since she hasn't been to see her in like three weeks.

If I had my own horse, I would so be out there as much as possible, not skipping rides and lessons to hang out with friends. Of course, my case is helped since I like to be alone verses other people.

When I first started riding, about 7 years ago, my parents said they would put aside $1500.00 for a horse. The stable I first started to ride at was terrible though, and the board was outrageous compared to the quality of their property and services.
  A year later I moved to a different stable, it was all around 100% better. The stable horses weren't fat and neglected and cranky, and the coach is amazing. The two important bits: they had a great leasing option, and at the start, the most important thing to me: board was super cheap. Outdoor is $365, compared to the $500+ at RBR.
 While at RBR, my parents had said that board was to expensive and they didn't want to buy a horse. Plus I'd only been riding for a year.
  So once we moved, I was so excited, cheaper board?! That had to mean we would get a horse!! But no, we didn't. Over the next two years, we fought a lot over getting a horse. I really wanted one (and still do), and they were being so unreasonable about the whole thing.
  After that, the topic of buying a horse came up every once in a while, but then I started leasing Diesel and was really happy with him for about 3 years. I didn't really think about wanting my own horse, except when he miss behaved at shows.
   Last fall Diesel started to develop back problems, when we tried to put the saddle on his back did this weird twitching thing. Once we had the saddle on and he started moving, he was fine. But still....So she got acupuncture done. It did a lot for another mare at the barn, but it didn't do much for Diesel and he was put in the field and eventually sold to another barn.
   Then my trainer bought Tommy, and I started working with him. And I love him! He's the greatest, and just what I would have wanted in a horse I bought for myself.

Over those years, I never seriously wanted a horse of my own for the most part. Every once in a while though, I couldn't help it and looked through online ads, local and international (if it's not for really, why not right?). There wasn't ever much for under $1500 especially for a jumper. So for now, I just have to continue to look through classifieds and wait another four years when I start working and can afforded a horse.

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