Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Tommy Actually

Unfortunately I forgot my camera today, I meant to take it out to the barn with me since it was so nice I thought I could get some cute pictures of Tommy, or at least of the pretty scenery.
    I also have a lease ride tomorrow, but I think I'm going in the evening again since I have to go help my Grandma start on my grad dress! Very excited.

As for our ride today, it was good. He only picked up the wrong lead once, and he picked up the correct ones. Lately he's been trying to run into the canter and gets a crazy fast trot, but we didn't have any problems with that today. I had to work more to hold him back heading to the out gate since the outdoor ring is on a slight slant towards the gate. I was going to take him out on the back trails but didn't. I might check with my trainer, now that it's hunting season I don't know if she wants anyone out there. I can't think why anyone would be hunting on their property and it is all fenced off, but all the same, I think I'll check.
The first two pictures are from October, before it snowed. The jumping one was taken last December/January sometime.

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