Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday and Sunday

Thursday was okay, not as good as our past couple weeks, where me and Tom did really good. He was again getting quick to the jumps even though we weren't doing a course. It's going to be a skill building winter I think. Really I don't mind, but I miss the challenges and fun of doing the a real course.
  It helps though, that I do understand why we are focusing on skill building, but the jumps...they're so small still.
  When I moved into the advanced class this year I was stoked, it's what I've been working for you know? But sometimes it doesn't seem like it. I suppose it will in the spring when we get back outside and use the massive outdoor ring. So yeah.
  Anyway, more work on holding him back to the jumps and it would appear that Tommy has lost his lead changes out in the snow this week.

I had a lease ride today, part of it was during this other girls lesson. Quick background before the story: This chicks horse belongs to her grandma/mum, who was paying my coach to show this mare, as well as train two of her other horses. This mare, is beautiful! I've never seen her jump until today, but she looks amazing. She's (apparently) a fabulous dressage horse too, since she's done will in the shows this summer.
  But I'm not sure about this girl, she looks about 14-15, and she's definitely 'one of those people'. You know that rider that thinks they're the shit? However it's really the horse that's the shit.
  I'm not sure if that's the case this time though, but her attitude is of on of those people, not to mention she probably thinks she's better than everyone else. She seems nice enough and like a pretty decent rider, I guess its just how she looks and acts.
...or maybe I'm jealous that she has such an awesome horse and from what her grandma/mum are saying, they have several others.

But whatever. Tommy did good today, but I need to find some more exercises for us to do.

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