Sunday, August 29, 2010


The show was awesome!! Tommy did soo well! I'm so proud of him!
We got clear in both the 2' and 2'6" but unfortunately didn't place in either. We were to slow in the first one and the second he refused the very last jump, the same very last jump he had a rail down on last time.
 It wasn't really a refusal, it was the last jump in a big bending line, we did great over the oxer, but he had to much speed so the turn was difficult and then my trainer yelled something and I got distracted and pulled to hard on the reins so he was going to slow to jump.
 But I couldn't possibly be mad at him! It was mostly my fault so I can't blame him for that. It was great that he was totally fine with moving up in height too, I was really surprised. I thought we'd be having rails down all over in the 2'6".

I have a couple stories about two dumb ass that were there, but I'm trying to go to bed early, because tomorrow is the first day of school. BLAHH! I've already lost my locker combination, so I'll have to go get that from the office. Its weird, because I saw it just the other day, thought "I better remember this" and now its lost. Nice.

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