Sunday, December 12, 2010

X-mas Shopping!!

So pleased!
I stopped at the bookstore on my way back from working out to look for my sisters present. Found it! So excited since the CD's I wanted to get her aren't stocked at the local music store, that I was able to find her the book she wanted!
  I could help myself though! I was wondering around and found one of my favorite sections, "New Age". They had two books by an author I know is good. The Real Witches Garden and The Real Witches Kitchen by Kate West. I get you aren't supposed to buy things for yourself before Christmas, but I'm really getting into Wicca and the chances my parents would buy either of these for me is slim to none. So I got them. And I'm very excited to start reading.
  I also found some plugs! The only real ones were 8G all the others were "fake" plugs, so not buying those. I think I have to re pierce my right ear lobe because it's not quite in line with the one on the left. Oh well.

Still have to find something for my dad, we were thinking cycling gloves but we couldn't find any. Our mall fails. It's a fairly small town (sadly) so there's not that many good stores in our mall.

Only one week left of classes!
Babysat my cousins yesterday. That was delight x12. Speaking of which, last weekend was pretty good. The only annoying ones were my two youngest cousins, who couldn't seem to figure out they needed to stay with us and the other kids in the basement.  But other than that it was good!

And guess who got 94% on the their social exam?! ME!! XD

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