Monday, December 13, 2010


Had a lease ride today. Tommy did really well, he's been getting a really nice canter during our flat rides lately. Ones' that are nice to sit and were you don't need to be in a slight two point.

There was another lady in a lesson while I was riding. She seems nice, and I can only assume she rode Tommy in a lesson last Monday, because she kept watching us with this weird look, like she wanted to be riding him. Who can blame her? He's only the cutest horse at the barn! Assuming she is the one who rode him, I'm glad she rode YJ instead. Her leg at the canter isn't very steady and Tom absolutely hates that. You have to have a quite leg with him, otherwise he goes crazy! With a super fast canter, and he just won't listen.
 But then again, it might not be her at all. But I do know there is someone like that thats' been using him in lessons.

My darn van kept getting stuck in the stable parking lot though. It was really warm today, so the snow was super soft, and the van would sink into it and not want to go forward. In the end I just left it where it stopped.

So very excited for Friday since it's my last day of classes before winter break!

I feel bad for the sports casters that interview hockey players during half time. They're so sweaty and nasty, it must smell awful. Speaking of smelling awful, went to the gym tonight! And didn't stop at McD's for a burger and fries. I rarely do, but I've been craving them for the past three days!!

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