Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Jumps!

Well, big depending on your perspective.

But we finally got to do a real course again! So much fun, didn't have any crazy longs either! The first attempt at the fan jump was a bit off, he kind of twisted in the air so we landed weird and didn't have a brilliant take off to the next jump. But he did very good over the oxer bounce, which later became a one stride. The highest jump I would guess to be over 2'6".

He did really well on the flat too, on the bridal for the trot! However he still likes to pull on the reins when he's standing or walking, and trying to sneak off when we're standing. But over all he did very good and I'm very happy with him.

He kneed me in the leg when we were untacking. The horse in the stall next to the one he was tied to, is crazy, and he made a move as if to bite Tommy, even though he was way out of reach. So in response to that, he lifted up his back right leg and when he brought it forward before kicking out, he caught my leg with his knee.

But it was a good lesson, very happy with how it went.

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