Sunday, May 16, 2010

Under Control?

Got to see my bestest buddy Tommy today! Rode outside again since it was cloudy and to hot. Surprisingly he didn't have a huge out-of-control canter I had been expecting. Though we weren't jumping so that could be why. Took him out back for a cool down in the hay fields and wooded area. He was pretty chill the whole time even when a couple deer ran by ahead of us. He had a nice trot out back too. Not like my old horse Diesel, he was always pretty spooky on the trails and the meadows. Tango was also a bit of a loony, but I didn't have her very long so it could just have been she wasn't used to being ridden outdoors.

And in case your curious, but i doubt you are. My bangs are still ghastly short, but sweeping them to the left makes them look a bit better. Your finger nails grow longer in the summer heat, I wonder if the same thing happens with hair? On another point of vanity, I found a recipe to "bleach" skin. Really it just makes it a shade or so paler I wouldn't say it bleached though. Its just putting milk, lemon juice and a sock full of oatmeal in a warm bath and sit in it for 15 min. once a week for about a month. And it has a face wash too in case you don't want to snorkel in your bath tube =P.

Actually I have a third vain statement to make: I'm unfortunately broke so I have to wait before I can dye my hair any ridiculous color. I was thinking Manic Panics "Atomic Blue" and "Tiger Lily" streaks to start with, and then I would some how like to get in "Electric Banana", "Green Envy", Deadly Nightshade" and "Vampire Red", not all at once of course. Having to maintain that would be hell and they'd probably look pretty weird. Also MP is pretty pricey, about $15 for one jar and $25 for two depending on where you shop, plus bleach...sigh, if only I had unlimited disposable income...

Also went to the gym for the first time in a while. Glad I did. Weighed in today at about 162.2lbs. Odd because its gone down and the only exercise I've gotten is riding Tommy and walking my dog Storm.

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