Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tommy (maybe) doing better and my bio partner will be the end of my sanity

I had a jumping lesson with Tommy the other day. He did very well all things considered. We rode outdoors for about 5 minutes before the lightning storm got to close for comfort and we headed in to wait. After about 10 minutes we could go back out and carry on.
 It must have been a blessing in disguise, before the storm it had been +30 outside, after about +20. The humidity wasn't pleasant. But the warming up in one ring and riding in another gave Tommy a bit of a taste of what show season will be like.
 He managed not to rush the jumps and actually listen to me, so I'm really impressed. Though his paddock is so muddy I'm defiantly going to need to break out the show sheen to keep his white spots white! And some sunscreen for his nose.

So I'm taking grade 12 biology and chemistry this year. I have to prepare a plant lab in bio tomorrow, this would not be a problem what so ever, however, my lab partner is literally the dumbest person I have ever meet. Like actually, there's no comparison. But if I go into to much detail about his idiocy I'll just drive myself (even) crazier. And I'm sure he'll crop up again in this blog anyway. No worries if he makes any stupid suggestions I'll just punch him in the throat...just kidding of course. I'll just imagine it. =P. I have an 80 in bio so I'm not worried about him screwing me up...he and his 58 should be glad I work with him.

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