Monday, September 6, 2010

The Joys of Leasing

Ha. So last Wednesday, I went out to barn with my friend to do my lease ride and to bring my friend out to see the barn and meet my coach, since she wants to move to my stable.
  Guess who showed up? Barn Bitch 1(she's the chick that just recently started to lease Tommy). Since about June. Anyway, she was supposed to come out on Thursday, not Wednesday. Anyway, she rode my other friend Nora's horse instead. Because my coach told her too.
  She has some condition or something, where she wont talk. It's not mute-ism its something else. Anyway she just gave me this really bitchy look in the barn and went and sat in the truck with her dad until my trainer should up and told her to ride Shawn.  I totally though she was going to make her dad come out and yell at me to let her ride Tommy.

Out of the five years I've been leasing my horses this is the only time this has happened. Actually once before. Diesel was being used in a lesson because my coach forgot I was coming out to ride so instead I rode Tango.

I'm tired. It's weird. No matter how much I sleep I'm exhausted. I've gone to bed as early as 9:30 and as late as 11 this week and I've exhausted everyday. So annoying.

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