Sunday, March 27, 2011


They bought him. On Friday. They pick him up tomorrow, I could have has one last ride with him today but he was perfect on Thursday, so I wanted to leave it there. He got all his lead changes and even though he had some crazy longs, I didn't get left behind, jump ahead or catch him in the mouth. He had such a lovely canter. Bloody perfect.
So I decided to leave it there. Plus if something happened to him, that would be terrible.
Instead I rode N's horse. She's on holiday and asked me to ride him. So I did.

Holy crap, I didn't realize how ginormous her horse is! Easily over 16hh, he's also really obnoxious in the barn and can not stand still at all. Her saddle is super uncomfortable! Probably just because my ass is so fat, but oh well. We did okay. He's really strong at the canter, but wasn't to bad to the right, but the left was much harder. Tuesday is our jumping lesson, should be interesting. Or painful

Poor Tom, I think he was confused about why I was putting the halter onJ P and not him. He didn't seemed to bothered except for a dirty look, that I think was from him being a bit offended I was getting him archenemy. P sticks his face right in the halter too, never had a horse that's done that before.

God I hate typing on ipads it's so annoying and I can't scroll down to fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes at the bottom of this post! =P

Next week I'll start working with Pony, who's on 13.3hh, she's sooo little!! Cute though. Still not sure what breed she is.

Did you take part in Earth Hour yesterday? Me and my sister did, we were out babysitting and the kids had gone to bed, but one came down to ask why the lights were out, she's only5 and I think she thought we had left or something.

Registration 101 on the 16th, bit nervous about it and quite terrified to go to uni next year. Should be fun, everyone I know at that uni loves it, so hoping it'll be the same for me.

I hope things work out with Pony, she's up for sale, maybe my parents will help me buy her. Or a different one. I know a couple people that got horses in uni and there marks actually went up,something to do with physical activity and having something else to focus on....

On an even more random note, I love iPad MASH! It's excellent. Where it's something possible like "you will graduate from the university of Alberta, marry Xavier, settle down in Copenhagen, and live in a house. Have four kids (2 boys and 2 girls) a horse named Taurus and be a pro equestrian"
Or something totally stupid "you'll graduate from Macquarie (a uni in Sydney) marry Patch (a character from my fave book), settle down in Paris live in a house, have 0 kids a collie named Turnip and spend your days as a Shark Wrangler"
Good stuff.


  1. Aw, sorry he was sold out from under you like that. *hugs*

  2. Awe thanks Dom,
    It really sucks, I'm going to miss him, but hopefully me and Pony will make a good team.