Friday, February 24, 2012


Kokanee has some weird bump on his right lower eyelid that K thinks is just a cut but that we have to keep an eye on it to make sure it's not a tumor. What do you know about eye tumors (or tumors in general) on horses? If it is the vet can just remove it right? ...right?!

Well we had a much better ride than before, the vet was out on Tuesday to do teeth and sheath cleaning and she said both of his were really bad which explains a lot of his weird habits that he's come up with and his random stopping and refusing to move.
He had a lot of energy yesterday (which could also be because he hasn't been ridden in a week). No courses this week, just a grid and a single. He did really well over the grid, even when it got higher, like 2'9"ish maybe. The first time over that height, he just didn't give it the respect it needed and it came down. Second time round, he got over it, he's come such a long way since October and has a really beautiful jump now. The single jump was the white vertical which he doesn't really like and he started to wiggly and I really thought he was about to duck out but got him over and it stayed up, so we had a really good jumping lesson this week. Not sure if I'm riding on Saturday, I think Shelley's coming back for a dressage clinic this weekend so might not be any jumping lessons and I can't afford to go to the clinic this time because I just bought a pair of Underarmour running tights (and they are the greatest thing ever!) but they were the same price as the clinic. Plus it's not like Kokanee is cut out to be a dressage horse anyway.


  1. I'd call the vet about the eye. Better safe than sorry. If it IS a tumor, you want to catch it early so you CAN just remove it and carry on.

  2. Thank you Dom :) K (my coach) is in touch with his owners, so hopefully they can do something about it right away