Friday, March 9, 2012


We're back to having problems with the left lead, which is incredibly frustrating and my trainer is not a whole lot of help. She really is fantastic most of the time but all she says is "you need to feel when he picks up the wrong lead". WTF am I feeling for?! He's left lead feels terrible and when he's going left on the right lead, it still feels terrible!!

Once we got over that and started jumping he did really well though! Me and Kokanee haven't done oxers together before so that was exciting. The first time over was quite awkward and he really popped over it, but we did the course a couple more times and as he got more comfortable he really improved!

It sounds like he was good in the dressage clinic for J but apparently she likes him now, so she's riding him as well now. I don't like sharing horses. At all. It's great that he's getting all this extra work and I think it will really help him improve but I just hate sharing lease horses. I've had to share them before and during the winter it's fine but it complicates things during show season and K has hinted a couple times it will be Kokanee who I might end up showing not Rocky. I've only had to share Tommy during show season once and the other chick rode dressage so it wasn't a big deal. But both me and this other girl jump so that will cause problems. Possibly, I don't know if she shows, I've never even met her before.

And I really did try to get some pictures of Kokanee but my phone sucks in indoor lighting.

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