Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to being a terrible blogger, my apologizes. I do have most of the posts written out else where (work can be very boring), now I just have to type them.

Spencer has been really good for me this past while, which is helped by his owner not riding him. Even K knows it and says it. Because W is always ripping on his face he gets backed off and nervous but when she isn't riding (ruining) him, he's fanatastic!

He's still up for sale and it sounds like his owner is hoping he does not sell quickly, but since she's going through with it, I'd rather he just go. To a good home of course, but it sucks. I do now have official permission from K to ride him for me and make him the horse I want him to be (which is also the horse that will sell faster). So that is very exciting, and I have indeed been doing so far.

He was great today and last week, and I do have photos to upload sooner or later too!

We were stuck inside today because of the rain. He did some of the best leg yeilding his ever done today and some of the best upward transitions. C has been riding him with a dressage whip on the flat and he's gone really well, so we decided to give it a go today, and again, he did really really well.

The ferrier was at the barn today, and while I was talking K's horse Dexter back to his friend, he chomped on my thumb! The jerk, just out of no where too.

Better and more frequent posts to come!

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