Monday, September 19, 2011

Disasters...are sometimes hilarious.

Thursday was a very...interesting jumping lesson with Rocky.

We have a jump that reminds me of Spruce Medows..on a much smaller scale. Usualy our jumps are only one or two poles, but this time one had 3 so it was special =P.
Rocky was really good for the first part, and he jumped beautifully, just round so it feels bigger than it is.

Over the practice/warm up jump, I was thinking he would take of long, but he didn't (since they usually don't over the first jump of the day so no idea what I was thinking) but after we got that one cleaned up he did really good on the first course.
Then she changed it and I forgot the turn after the second and jump and was still doing the first course by going straight through the line.
And some where between the third and forth jump Rocky lost his mind (this was also his first time jumping inside in ages). On the forth jump he put his feet through the rails, like he hadn't seen the top bar and it was like he was jumping inside the jump. Not sure if that makes sense. But anyway, the fifth jump (second in the bending line we were doing was okay, he might have knocked the top pole I don't remember) but then the last jump in the line he tried jumping inside it again. I don't know what he was doing, so we stopped after that so he could settle down and get his head back.
K said she's never laughed so hard, and that she wasn't sure if she should have been laughing at her students. But it was funny (since no one was hurt).
We started the course again, which starts over the 3 pole jump (2'3" ish) but he was not having it, he ran out several times so we went for a little hand gallop around the arena, and she lowered the top bar. So he went over that pretty well and we managed the rest of the course leaving all the rails up, when we came back to the 3 bar jump, it was 3 again, he did it perfectly, but I gave him a really retarded release, I had my arms out like chicken wings instead of straight forward, but other than my terrible arm form over that jump he did super well the last time through. Poor guy.
Hopefully Wednesday will be better for him.

There was a show on Saturday and because of our not so great lesson on Thursday I decided not to enter, but did go just to watch my two friends that were competeing. Kind of mad I didn't go now! There was 5 people in the 2'3" class and just my two friends in the 2'6" class. Could have gone! But the hosting barns outdoor arena was only finished on the 18th of August and there's a lot of sand in the arena, the footing is stupidly deep, so maybe that was good we didn't go. Rocky isn't in the best shape yet, so that would have been hard on him. It was on N's horse and he's in way better shape than Rocky or L's horse.

The next possible show is Amberlea Meadows and I'm not sure about that one, it's a big fancy show that's two days long at the end of September, entries are due this Friday but I'm thinking we won't bother this year. It's like $300 or more to enter because of stabling and I don't know that we have a chance to win anything back. Maybe next year.

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