Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Ride with Rocky and First day of Uni!

So yesterday was my first lesson with Rocky, K rode him on Sunday but other than that he hasn't been ridden in like a year, but he was soooo good. Besides being out of shape, but we both are. An unfit horse for an unfit rider. Good stuff.
He does buck, but only if you get really "grabby" with your hands at the canter or just start using them more than your legs. Which will be good because I think that can (and will) really help me stop relying on my hands for certain things.
He has the strangest canter, it feels like a merry-go-round horse where the motion is up and down instead of just forward. So that was a bit of a shock the first time. He also jumps super round so the >2' jumps we were doing felt waaaay bigger. K says when he does 2'6" it feels like 4' so good to know.
It's a very good thing he has a lot of mane! Except when your hands get caught, that's not so much fun.
He's not a dirty quitter like Pony was either, so he'll let you know way before the jump that he's thinking about stopping unlike Pony, who's just like "oh no, we're not doing this" at the very last second.
We didn't do a lot of stuff because we want him to enjoy work, not hate it.
But I really like him so far, he's great.
Uni! So it wasn't as bad as I thought, even though my first class is at 8am and it's a class of 275. The Prof is British and that just makes everything better, but he's really nice and kind of crazy, so I like that class..based of one day at least.
English was okay, also better than I thought, but we have to do this "peer revision" on our essays later on and that I think will suck ass, but again the prof was really nice. Not sure where he's from, kind of a middle eastern accent but you can only hear it sometimes so either he's like Ross on Friends and faking (that's always what I wonder when teachers have accents) or he's been here a long time, which is my best guess.
Stats sucked so many balls I can not even describe it. Other than to say I was day dreaming of Peaches and Cream porridge and that if I tried to pull a nail of my wall with the claw end of a hammer that I could hit myself in the face, or eye. You know it's a good class when!
French was good though, the instructor is the nicest person ever and I knew a couple people in the class which makes it better. Plus I do a decent bit of French, not enough to be in the higher classes, but enough that this first bit may be boring.

Tomorrow I have Equine Science so I'm quite excited for that class, but it's a super easy day! I have that around noon-ish and then a break and then French and then I can come home! And go riding! Yay Thursday.

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