Saturday, October 15, 2011


I got a new helmet! Yay! It's not actually the one I wanted, but I didn't have to pay for it, so no can already see dusty lint crap on it.... Oh well, it's better than my 9 year old plastic one at least. 
And you can see my green hair!  As well as my awesome painting in the background(the orange one with trees)! It's literally my favorite painting I've ever done.

Mostly since I've only done 3 I really like and because of Uni I haven't been able to do any others. Even sketching I barely have time for, the last one I did was a really terrible start to a Slender Man series. But all the drawings start as terrible and gradually become awesome. Not to brag....haha.

Working and have a lesson tomorrow! I missed my one on Thursday because my French partner wanted to meet up so we could practice for our oral exam next week but then he got sick and by the time I found out we weren't meeting up, it was to late to do anything about riding. =(


  1. Hi thanks for following my blog, I’ll tag along yours too. Great that the hat was free and it should be closer to safety standards than your 9 year old one too.

  2. it looks like a nice helmet. :)

  3. Absolutly! That's why I'm so stoked to have a new one! :)