Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Spencer was really good this last week!
We were inside because of all the rain though.

We practiced grids this week. A one stride to a one stride along the wall and then a right turn to a diagonal. At first he wasn't to excited about the grid and would run out as the second and third jump were added, but once he figured out what was going on he got better.
Thursday the jumps were smaller so Saturday was a bit exciting, the jumps are usually bigger when riding with N and her horse. She's got a really pretty Hanoverian named Percy, wow is a fantastic jumper but is really headstrong. We don't jump as high as they do obviously but still higher than usual. Really happy with him.
 This is one of his many attempts to untie himself by stomping his foot around. It doesn't work well. He did figure it out once and rather than heading outside to the grass like any other horse, he turned around and stood in the door way of the tack room watching me put on my boots. He's a huge attention seeker, but it was actually pretty cute.
 Just trying to eat my phone.
 That my coaches former dressage horse Dexter, there's something wrong with his back so he can't be ridden and even after all the tests and what not, they couldn't figure out whats wrong.
 And this is Wolfgang, he's new to the barn and is being leased by two other girls b/c his owner got one of her old horses back or something.

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