Friday, May 4, 2012

Spencer was better today than he was last Thursday when it came to jumping but he was not so great on the flat.

He really didn't want to canter and it took forever to get him to pick it up, so that was pretty frustrating. He was okay for jumping, no run outs, but when we first started he was really not intersted but as we went through the course he picked up a bit and ended doing quite well. We're guessing that he's just really tired from being ridden four days in a row. Not that you can really call doing nothing but walking around the arena a ride (at least not one that would be tiring) but oh well.

I guess I will not be riding Rocky this summer which really sucks because I was really looking forward to working with him again, but since Spencers owner said I can show him and I'm still riding Kokanee "there's no point having you riding three horses" well I disagree. She now wants to find someone esle to ride Rocky, which sucks. I don't want to watch some one else riding him. It was different with Tango and Rocket because I didn't want to ride them anymore so I wasn't bothered about who else was riding them. Now it's different because he is the one I want to ride/show, but now that won't be happening and I won't be able to ride Spencer twice a week until July. The good thing about showing Rocky is that we could have done higher classes but with Spencer we're going to be stuck in the smaller ones again. He's previous owner was appearntly a pretty advanced rider and I'm pretty sure K and his owner actually found him at the Amberlea show, and they did say he's previously shown at quite a high level but then he got really out of shape and his owner is a beginner who doesn't jump, so it's going to take forever to get him back the height he was at with his other owner. Sweet this will be the 7th year in a row showing at like 2' - 2'3" (possibly 2'6"). Great F-ing progress.
I need my own horse.

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