Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So I figured since I have no steady mount, I may as well take advantage and ride as many different horses as I can (and find the best possible candidate for show season). However, if Gody had been an option yesterday, I probably would have picked him.

Zander is basically the polar opposite of Gody, he's very wiggly, has lots of pep, and doesn't need the encouragement Gody does. He carries his head really high in the air, which is really annoying and it's difficult to get him to go on the bridle (or so I found anyway). With him, the more rein you use, the more leg you have to use, which does make sense but I've not had a horse that you have to do that for when you're just asking them to round up and get on the bridle. It took ages to get him to do it and it didn't often last that long, pretty quickly he'd have his head back up again and K would be shouting to stop trying to use my hands to pull his head down, which was not fucking trying to do. There was zero intention of ever trying to pull his head down, that was him being a dumb ass and lifting up his head, there by putting the bit on the bars of his mouth. So that was frustrating, it feels really weird having to hold your hands that high, and again, not had a horse that does that,  so it takes a bit more that one single ride to work that out. Jumping was not really that great, he feels like fun to ride and unlike Gody, you feel like he's definitely going to make it over! But like I said, he's really wiggly which can be hard to deal with when you aren't used to it and it's really difficult to keep a steady rhythm with him, so counting strides to the jump would start like 3-2-1 and then end up as 3-2-1-4 or 3-2-take off. Frustrating!!! As much as I didn't enjoy the ride I wouldn't mind having a second chance to try and improve from this.

Ugh, sadly I think this is the last different horse I'm going to get to ride. Kokanee is lame and will be going home sooner or later, Rocky is still on winter break, and I'm pretty sure everyone else already has enough riders. So it's most likely going to be Zander, Gody, and Java. Not that much variety, especially when it's only once a week.

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