Friday, February 22, 2013


Kokanee is no longer lame, so I got to ride him. That was rather disappointing for three reasons: 1. I wanted to ride Gody, 2. I thought she mentioned Rocky while she was listing off horses (sadly she actually said Roxy) 3. I don't like him all that much.

He used to be my lease horse ages ago, which was okay, except for it being the biggest pain in the ass to get his left lead. No matter how many times you ask correctly, it's almost always a fight. Plus he usually has to be in the corner, so thats a no go for any hunter and dressage show.

It was not the best lesson, he hasn't jumped in a few weeks, if not a month, so then he was very excitied to jump. Unfortunatly, the jumps possed zero challange to him because they were fricken 18" or something miniscule, so he could just leap over them however he wanted, if they'd been like 2' or so, they would have been a hight he actually respects and that would have held him back a bit and made him think. It was quite difficult to try and contain him and keep him rounded up and in good form. At the lower heights he can really pop you out of the saddle and make it hard to stay with him, it also doesn't help that I haven't got much core strenght after all that time off, so that didn't help. He wasn't horrible about the left lead, but he wasn't good about it either.

Then we had the worlds lamest fall ever. It was one of the ones that wasn't a surprise but you still can't stop it, all you can do is just try and land in the least painful way, if not land on your feet. Sadly, I wasn't able to land on my feet, because as i was falling I was trying to get not let my foot get caught in the stirrup. Not that it matters with him because he stops and stands when you fall off. Actually, all my horses with the exception of Pony, stopped. She would take off like a maniac, she was getting better the longer we were together, she wouldn't run as far or as fast. She probably would have learned to just stand there if she hadn't been taken away. What happened was we were supposed to come to a trot after one of the jumps, but the whole night he would stick his head out and shake it from side to side so we had to also say things like 'whoa' or 'trot' or whatever to get him to listen. Unfortunatly he pulled me forward and off balance with all his head wiggling and then when I did say 'whoa' he came to a screetching hault rather than breaking to a trot and so then I fell off. So lame. Falling off should have a good exciting story, usually it does, but not this time.

I'll have to start working out more, that always helps.

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