Thursday, February 17, 2011


We worked on transitions today, but not a whole lot and we had a lot of long walk breaks since it's so damn cold again.
But it was great! He did AMAZING!! I'm so proud of him, he did brilliant for both the downward and upward transitions. Usually he likes to leap into the canter or rush it from the trot, but he picked it up really well with no rushing and only one big stupid leap. Turns out I've been riding with my leg to far forward which is part of the problem, but once I was riding where it was supposed to be, he was great. The trainer was saying that horses can be nervous if they can't feel your leg and don't know when they are going to be asked to do something. Which I suppose makes sense. The downward transitions, were for the most part much smoother than they have been. Concentrated a lot on what I was doing and that really helped, sitting forward, shoulders back and lifting hands, it seemed to work miracles! Well not miracles, but we had dramatic improvement.

As for the jumping part, we only did smallish jumps, but they were really challenging because I had my stirrups tied with twine to the girth. It was so weird, the most ridiculous sensation ever. It made jumping rather challenging, not sure why, because my feet and legs should have been relatively still and not effected by the twine, but I found it hard to balance after the jump and had to use my hands on his neck to balance.

I don't remember much about the Sunday ride. I meant to write about, but my poor dogs been really sick, so I've been a bit stressed with her, but we gave her pepto-bismol the other day because apparently you can give it to them. So she's done a lot a better these last few days, thank god.
This is me and her last winter sometime.

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  1. It's amazing how much transition work can help a ride.