Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Useless Ramblings

Ugh. Today has been much to stress full. I want to go to sleep for a long time now. Not just hours, but days. Except then I'd miss a lot of school and time with Tommy and at the gym.

We'll go in order of the days "events".
School: Day 2 block 1 General Psychology.
Well the good thing is my teacher seems really interesting. But he has combined my two least favorite things: group projects and presentations. This will suck. Because apparently there is a lot of them and I have no real friends in this class. So that was really disheartening because I was really looking forward to that class. Especially because group projects and presentations lead to an unnecessary amount of stress. I hate stress, bad stress anyway. It leads to bad things, over eating and worse. Which I'm not going into.

I think I need to go to the gym or something, I hate these weird moods where nothing is interesting and you want nothing to do with people. I want to go to the Rockies.

My photo album from Australia came today!! I have a desk top Mac and it has a MyPublisher so I used that and made a sick photo album! I love it! =)

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