Friday, February 11, 2011

Jumping and Ramblings

Yesterdays lesson actually went really well, and it would have been great if I hadn't been so tired and was actually able to pay attention.

Mostly just messed up on serpentines' and stuff because I'd forget how many loops we were doing or whether we were starting from C or A. We had one really good serpentine at the beginning, got the bend and balanced back over the center line, but after that not so much. As my trainer said "you seem a bit looser than usual today." I knew something felt off, and I guess it was that, and of course she was right. To much movement in the foot, hands were to lose on the reins, wrists moving, back on straight....So, going to have to move the workout to a different day. As the lesson went on I managed to wake up a bit and fix my posture.

We had less problems with the left lead, I think he may have dropped it once but he was good. Right, at first we had a beautiful canter, nice and balanced and he didn't drop it! Later on though he struggled to pick it up, optining to jump in to the canter and pick up the wronge lead, so that was frustrating, but we got it in the end. Fingers crossed it will be warm on Sunday so we can work on upward transitions.
No flat trot yesterday either, he was nice and forward and kept his head low. So that was an improvement, I wonder if it has anything to do with the nice weather that's come back and he's in a good mood, or he knew that I brought crunchies.

No actual jumping course, but the jumps had a bit more height to them this week, so Tommy actually showed them a bit of respect. Our trainer recorded the jumping parts so she can watch them and find things each individual rider needs to work on. So she said she'd email them to us or something, so when I get them I'll hopefully post them. He's got a stylin' My Little Pony look going on thanks to one of my friends who started braiding his mane while I got him brushed and ready to go. As usual after jumping he got his "cheese burger" supplement mix after. He was very excited for that AND crunchies, even though the filly in the stall next to the one he was tried to tried to bite his ear off. The trainer was feed thing the horses and opened the fillies stall and she made this weird lunge at Tommy, who wasn't to bothered, since he had his bucket of grains/mash. I guess she thought he'd steal hers or something because normally she's pretty friendly.

I went to the mall in the city yesterday afternoon, since we had yesterday and today of school. I've wanted to stretch my ears for ages! So I talked to the girl at Culture Craze, about starting, and bought a pair of tapers for $20, it's a bit expensive since I could buy the same thing from Hot Topic, for $14 and get two tapers, two plugs and extra o-rings. Then I figured shipping could be a lot! because they also sell gorgeous pincher and plugs in the max size I'd go to (2) but turns out that's not true, it's still cheaper, only $18 with shipping. So maybe I'll go with them next time? If mum lets me use her pay pal.

 My left hand looks so weird! But yeah, they're pretty small 16g I believe.

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