Sunday, January 30, 2011


People are soooo gross!  I hate being around other people when they're eating, it's so nasty, the sound literally drives me crazy! And today, I'm a bit jealous because I can't eat anything that requires chewing. Hooray for the soup, pudding, and ice cream diet. Damn wisdom teeth.

But I'm hoping to maybe run on the treadmill at home and do some ab stuff. I wish I could go see Tommy tomorrow too instead of having to wait til Thursday. I'm also so horribly unexcited for Tuesday...and Wednesday. Tuesday is the first day of second semester, Psychology, Math, Lunch, English and then I can go home. But still...I don't know, I'm so not looking forward to it. I wish I'd had math first semester, just in case something went wrong, I could have retaken it. Having said that, I really have to work my ass off, which is easier said then done because I'm horrible at studying and love to procrastinate. Plus math is hard to study, ahh so many excuses.
Then Wednesday, we get our report cards for first semester. Again, not pleased, I'm so nervous for social. I don't think I didn't pass, but I'm just worried if it's dropped or something. I'm sure I at least scored the average 60 on the written, but hoping to hit my typical 75, also hoping to have got at least my typical 96% on the multiple choice part. There's probably nothing to worry about, but we'll see. As much as I love social and wouldn't mind taking another social I don't want to repeat it. I just think there should be a Social 31 for nerds like me that would love to keep studying it.

Thank god we have a family trip to a resort in the Rockies in a couple weeks.

....I miss my horse.

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