Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thursday & Friday

Thursday was lesson day. No 'big' jumps this week, at least we did a coarse though. Only about 2', it was probably my fault we had several bad take offs, I was kind of disappointed we weren't doing anything really challenging again and therefore didn't try as well or hard as I should have. Which is clearly terrible.
He had such a flat canter too, he really didn't want to do anything. Not sure why, he's not sick and appears to be in no pain, but he's still skinny. I don't like seeing he's ribs. It's weird he's not gained any weight, he's given loads of food, has a blanket so he's not cold and is only ridden about 3 times a week.
  However, he did really well on our last round, lovely quick and bouncy canter, several longs that shouldn't have been there though, he did get his lead changes though!
As I said, the longs were probably my fault, for some reason when the jumps are smaller, I find myself looking at them and sometimes leaning forward, so he's off balance a bit and takes off to soon.
Don't seem to have the same problems with larger jumps though, maybe cause I know if we do take of to long or I do look at it things could go seriously wrong.
 Thank you Tango for that valuable lesson. Even if it needed to be taught more than once.

Had a free ride on Friday, Tom was pretty good. Happy now that the crunchy bucket in my locker has been refilled, he's back to expecting a couple before we go into the arena.

Still had a very flat canter that day, and had some difficulty picking up the right lead if I remember right. Trotting was okay, still flat, but he was coming on the bridle and carrying his head nicely. Have to find some more exercises me and him can do at the trot and definitely at the canter.

Get to go see him again later today, hopefully the barn will be empty, I enjoy riding alone. I'll try to remember my camera so I can get some new pictures of him.

As for what I have to work, besides what I said above, is keeping my toe in. My outside leg, the toe always tips out a bit to far, especially when we're circling so instead of putting my whole leg back, I point my toe out.

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