Friday, January 21, 2011

Such Delights.

...Not really actually. But there has been so many today that it's just a bit ridiculous, also have some Tommy stories, but I'll put those up later today, because I'm exhausted and it's just after 12am.

Yesterday was part B of the social 30-1 diploma! Stayed up til about 1am studying with "the Key" which is supposed to be old diploma questions and are usually helpful, they were great for biology and chemistry last year. This time not so much, just ridiculous questions that had nothing to do with the concept of liberalism. Apparently my teacher had told other students that this years key was useless and not to bother, unfortunately I wasn't told that. Oh well, when I finally did try to go to sleep, my delightful dog, who is a golden retrieve crossed with a lab, so she's pretty big, decided she wanted to sleep on my bed. Fine, she was lying beside me on her side with her feet towards me and then she started to dream she was chasing something, so she was "running" with her feet scratching at me and whimpering loudly. Soooo peaceful. Then she turned over and did the same thing to the wall and eventually stopped crying and just snored. It's pointless to wake her up and she just gets mad, so she'll "kick stretch" at you, not fun. Oh well, it's cold in the basement and she's warm and cuddly, so it's okay.
Got up at six thirty and did some more work with the key. Left to school to write the exam which is 60 multiple choice was disconcertingly easy. Social is one of my best subjects, but I finished with so much time left, that I'm not sure what to think. I was talking to a couple friends after and they found the same thing. We won't get our results until the middle to end of February, so fingers crossed.

Semi excited! There is an art show in May, and my art teacher gave most of the 30 levels (grade 12) a sheet to enter a piece of art, except for my "friend", it's complicated, we aren't really friends anymore, I mostly just listen to her bitch all class, she gets on my nerves so I'm somewhat amused she was left out. She just doesn't care about her work so it's sadly not that good, even though the concept is usually pretty good.
I'm not sure if I want to enter though, you don't have to go to the show and stand with your work and talk about it or anything, but still..... If I did it would be either of my paintings or my clay sculpture.
The first painting is a "hidden image". It actually looks pretty sweet, there's a bright sunset in the background and some mountains that jut out a bit in the distance, and the rest of the sky is reflected in the lake/ocean. Then the foreground is a bunch of old dead trees, and the ones in the center form the image of angel. I think it's pretty sick actually.
 The second, is a girl holding a lantern looking into the distance, the real "story" of the painting is told through the color choices and symbolism of the number 13 hidden the dress, the dress itself and the candle in the lantern. This one was a lot of work in a short amount of time and I'm quite proud of it.
 The sculpture is a "freedom vs. capture theme". Mine is a dove with her wings out stretched trying to take off, but is chained to a tree stump. The chain is made out of thick black wire and I think the whole thing looks good. Lost marks on it, because the poor thing exploded in the kiln. But my teacher managed to get her back together and now that she's painted and has texture you can't even tell.

They want you to name the art though, I'm not creative with names, so if anything is entered, it'll be "untitled". So we'll see. My teacher has also offered to help me put together a portfolio because she seems quite ecstatic about how much my work has improved this semester from last year, I have to agree, I love what I've done this year, most of last years stuff...not a fan.

Oh my goodness, it took a ridiculous amount of effort to change the URL after I decided not to go by my middle name's nickname on here anymore. Probably more effort than it was worth too, I don't know that anyone even looks at them. But I didn't like having it as my middle name. I need to sleep, this is a ridiculous paragraph.
But yes, Tommy stories later this morning, and the true delights of yesterday.

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