Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Part A writen is on Thursday, not looking forward to it. For some stupid reason I decided to write it by hand instead of taking the option to type it on the computer. It takes me half the time to type out 5 pages than it does to write, and that's with prior knowledge of the topic, with time to prepare a plan.

Today we got to do a 'practice' one, my teacher is marking all 30 tonight and we get them back tomorrow. My school has a wireless lab, and it's usally okay, but today of all days, my computer decided not to save my essay. Not happy about that. The pop up saying it wasn't saving came up behind the windows document, so I had no idea. Then I saved it a last time and shut the window. Found the pop ups. So I checked to see if it was in my documents. Nope. So, I talked to my teachers, we tried to 'recover' it. That failed. So, I got to write it at home, and email it in. I think I did well. It's five pages, on topic and as far as I can tell, in depth.

We'll see tomorrow if I was right.

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