Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of the blogs I follow belongs to a riding instructor in the UK, I was reading a post a while ago, that said something about making sure you're barn has a system where you can move up in levels.

I've been at the same barn for 6 years now, and it feels the same as when I started. I think this may be because I'm in the 'advanced' level, but the jumps are rarely above 2' right now.

One reason is because we are doing a lot of base work, that will help in the long run, and the second, my coach took a kick to the head last week and understandably doesn't want to do a lot.

However, you see other people who have been riding for the same amount of time, yet they jump 4'. It's hard not be jealous and wonder how much we're really doing. There are very few stables I would go to if I left where I am. In fact, there's only one.

It's lovely! They have a similar leasing program, a beautiful facility, and outdoor board is only $300 a month. They also have a set up where you can move up in levels and what not.
The horrible draw back of this facility? It's one hour away from my house, and 50 minutes away from my Grandmas'. Which is where I'll hopefully be living next year while I'm in uni.

I understand that lots of people give up riding while at university, but I fear I can not do that. There is a stable in the middle of the city, very close to her house. Unfortunately they don't have the same leasing set up, and it's very expensive. Using one of their horses, is $50. That is the single most expensive lesson I've ever come across.

I'm looking forward to spring break though! One of my friends at the stable has asked me to ride her horse for her because she's gone. This isn't the friend I complain about, although she's gone too.... Haha, so I don't know yet if she wants me to take him in lessons or just do flat work on our own. Either way I'm excited, new horse, new experience regardless of what we do. Her horse is beautiful, a giant compared to mind, and seems quite fiery and a bit of challenge. A new one of course.

Tommy did okay on Thursday, he's got his bouncy canter and trot back which is a good sign. Missing the big jumps though. A good thing about the spring/summer, we'll be back outside in the huge outdoor arena! So big jumps again!! Need to find some exercises to improve flat work though. Both of us are getting bored I think.

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