Friday, January 21, 2011

Yesterdays True Delights

Normally I drive to the stable alone, but yesterday my friend wanted me to go with her. She drove to my house and we took my van to the stable. We would have been fine if the barn owners dog hadn't come running down the drive way, which is a small hill. I had to bring the van to a complete stop because the stupid dog wouldn't get out of the way, and once we were stopped she ran past towards the house, and then, the van was stuck. It carved out a pretty big rut into the snow, but it backed out quite easily....until it got stuck again.
This time it was not moving anywhere. So we tried shoveling the snow out from the tires and using 3rd and Low gear. No luck, we put towels under the tires to try and get traction and my friend tried to push the van, zero luck. Forward or back.
So we went to talk to our trainer to see if she had some planks we could put under the tires. She told us not to worry and go get our horses. We did that and after the lesson she was teaching was over she came out with me and one of the other girls that was there to get it out. We shovelled more out from the tires and her and the other girl pushed it out. Finally it started going, I guess we just need that extra person to help push it out.
Then when we were all tacked up and about to head into the arena, the power goes out. None of the horses were bothered by it, and it took a minute before the emergency lights kicked in. It takes a couple minutes or the barn and arena lights to warm up after that, but they eventually came back on, so we could actually ride.

The lesson its self was good, we did some trot poles that Tommy had no problem with, we did the same exercises as last day, but he was better this time. At least when we cantered in. The first part of the exercises was to trot in canter out. Tommy had no interest in cantering out, but we got it in the end. He was getting fairly strung out before the jump, but again it was tiny and no challenge for him. He did much better over the six stride line too. We didn't get into close to the first so the second was good. Got him nice and balanced back in the middle, so it defiantly a good lesson.

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