Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Got my essay back. Turns out it was just for comments, not marks. Oh well, overall the comments were pretty good, so I think I would have got a decent mark. A couple comments were really positive, so I just have to remember those tomorrow for the exam....

So in art, I was so excited because I thought my painting was going AWESOME! But stupid me, though I should start with the dress instead of the skin tone first so now I have to redo the dress later because the skin tone keeps getting on it and drying before I can wipe it off. Plus I fail hardcore at doing the shadows on the skin, they always come out horribly wrong! So, I stayed in class during my second blocke spare, but it didn't matter because all that happened was I had to paint over the whole body before my teacher would help with it. Then she said she would help over the lunch break, after she went to eat. I waited for her for the whole 40 minutes and she showed up a minute before the bell. So I left.
I'll go tomorrow after the exam to see if she can help. Probably not though.

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